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The Rise and Fall of the Silver King

Baby and the Silver King The story of Horace “Haw” Tabor is a story of a man with immeasurable wealth and power, who built a city from the ground up and lead a shameless life of decadence and scandal. He was a business man, politician, and even a...

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Mining in America in the 20th Century


As we enter the 20th century, we’re coming off the heels of the last American Gold Rushes in Alaska and Washington state. Even though our country has been built on mining, the United States of America does not think mining is important anymore. The American people are too good to earn a living the way their forefathers did. This lack of foresight will lead to history repeating itself. All great empires before us have fallen, and they fall when they become pompous, when they wait for others to provide for them. Over the top regulations and overly zealous politicians whose only purpose is to talk. The largest and most productive mines in the United States are owned by Canadians and overseas interests. The United States without mining will lead way to a new era but it will not be a golden era. It may well be the final stumbling block for the United States.

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Russell D. Hartill – Mining Law Fever


GRE isn’t shy to admit that we’ve had our fair share of conflicts with the BLM and USFS. We believe in the rights of miners and the preservation of the American Dream as it relates to mining. Russell D. Hartill is one man in particular that’s helped defend Gold Rush and our clients.

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