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Early American Mining

Mining acted as a catalyst for the growth and expansion of the United States, as it drove thousands of pioneers westward for the prospect of riches. Where ever there was gold, there would be people, boom towns, industry, and even incorporated territories and their...

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Big Finds from Small Miners

Today, the mining industry is being lead by multi-billion international companies, but don’t be intimidated by this, because there’s plenty of room for the little guy. The small miners and prospectors of the world are constantly finding new riches,...

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How We Pick the Best Claims for You

A common complaint we hear from our customers is the recent glut of worthless mining claims that are available. Why are people allowed to claim a large chunk of nothing, and how can they possibly sell that. You’ve probably scrolled through eBay and noticed a large amount of cheap mining claims being listed, and probably wondered why we price our mines the way that we do. We don’t just find any hole in the ground and drive a stake through it. We pick out the ones that we know hold value.

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