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The Fall of Vesuvius

It was a tragic afternoon, on September 28th, when Wright went to visit his claim, and found it had been completely dismantled. His cabin, signs, road barrier, adits, including a 19th adit cribbing, were all gone. He found forest workers cleaning up, when he approached them. He was perplexed. All he could say was, “What have you done?” and “Why have you done this?”

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Slick Steve Cyros and the Department of Land Transfer strikes again

Believe it or not, here at Gold Rush, we keep an eye out on the world of mining claims and sales. One infamous ebay seller in particular, by the name of Steven Cyros, or “scyros,” is one of our favorites. Since 2012, when Steve heard the idea of mining claims, he’s been slinging garbage claims all over eBay. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we here at Gold Rush are not flattered in any way.

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History of Gold and Silver Standards in the United States

Since the country’s early days, many laws, often in response to economic ebbs and flows, have greatly affected the value of gold and silver. Some laws and regulations were created by attempt to match up regulated and market value, while others were enacted out of pressure from certain political factions. Over a century of laws and regulations eventually lead to…

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