Today, the mining industry is being lead by multi-billion international companies, but don’t be intimidated by this, because there’s plenty of room for the little guy. The small miners and prospectors of the world are constantly finding new riches, sometimes when they least expect it!

A Diamond in the Rough

Prospector Dan Fagnan was panning for gold in St Croix county Wisconsin, when he found a surprise. He was panning through the waste material of a well, newly dug by his friend, when he found this strange rock. Uncertain, he took it to a jeweler to get it appraised, and discovered it was a 1.2 carat diamond. An uncut diamond is worth about a couple grand a carat, often worth more than cut diamonds. He opted to have it embedded into a necklace for his newborn. Not a bad find for simple panning!

Return on Investment

With the use of a simple metal detector, Robin K was able to unearth a rich find. This prospector and parent of five invested in a SD 2200D mine detector, and within the first two weeks, Robin had already made up its cost and then some. On the third trip, Robin found the hefty 19.48 ounce nugget worth $15,000. This novice prospector learned that her new hobby has a massive return on investment!

Green with Envy with this Find

Married couple, Libby and Kevin Barrieault went on a mining expedition in North Carolina, and stumbled on a huge find. After a long day of mining, they weren’t sure they were going to find anything, until they came across a 50.5 carat emerald in an old mine. The following day, another couple, Terry Lofgren and John Kehoe went into that same mine, and found a total of 240 carats of loose emeralds, worth about $30,000-$40,000. That’s the reward of perseverance, because you never know what what riches are waiting to be found by those that don’t give up!

Don’t Take this Prospect lightly

An Australian prospector(who wished to remain anonymous) was out detecting with his GPX-5000 when he found a 12 pound jackpot beneath his feet. That’s right, not ounces, but a 12 pound gold nugget, worth about $300,000. Locals were perplexed by that find, but one gold shop owner gives credit to the prospector’s high-end metal detector, since miners have combed that same area with more basic models, and completely missed this behemoth nugget. I guess sometimes you need to be at the right place with the right tools!

The Perfect Diamond

The Strawn-Wagner diamond is said to be the perfect diamond, in terms of cut, color, and clarity. This rare diamond was actually found in 1990 by Shirley Strawn of Arkansas, while prospecting in the Crater of Diamonds state park. The gem was then sent to New York to be cut into a 1.09 carat diamond, which was the “ideal cut” in terms of brilliance. A one in a billion cut. The park purchased it for $34,700, where it’s currently on exhibit.

Most of these stories were miners and prospectors that stumbled upon riches, but the point is, there are riches out there, and they just need to be found! At GRE Inc, we do most of the finding for you! We find, survey, and evaluate mines of value, and you just have to do the mining! It doesn’t take a huge corporation to strike it rich, just the proper tools and drive!

The diamond panned from a well.

The 19.48 ounce gold nugget

A rough emerald.

The behemoth 5.5kg nugget

The Strawn-Wagner diamond.

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