We received a call from one of our customers who owns several claim in the Chloride, Arizona area. He informed us that the BLM has been busy at work filling in mines without notifying owners of their intent. If you have claims in Arizona or know of someone who has, please pass along his letter or contact us for more information.

Hello to whom it may concern,

I am a fellow historical mine claimant in the Chloride area and have just found out some disturbing information that I believe you should know of. I have previously tried to contact you in the past with no success regarding some other issues and discussions that I had hoped to have with you but today I can only hope that this email gets to you finally in time regarding a serious matter that needs your attention forthwith.

Please understand that the information that I am now imparting was received by some fortuitous luck and perfect timing thanks to Gods Help of course. Upon calling the BLM to inquire about this situation that has now reached the mountains of Arizona and Chloride in particular please do not mention my name or how you have come by this information. Be aware that your quick response is needed to prevent some bad luck falling upon your claim by this hugely very inconsiderate governments actions regarding the condition BLM land is kept.

Over the last year many of you probably heard that the Wildlife Fish and Game conservatives had passed a law to restore Gov’t lands to their original state before human intervention. This has resulted in the utter destruction of our old mining history here in the United States. The situation had gotten to a point where not only old mines been back filled and their visible existence wiped away not leaving a single trace of them ever having been there but even also resulted in the complete destruction and removal of sheds, buildings, mill sites and other relics left by those hardy miners which have been around for over a hundred years. This process is still continuing under an abandoned mine law that is now being enforced strongly. What does this mean to you?

Well as of last year numerous mines in the Chloride area have been cleared, grated, gated and many more completely back filled in removing all visible  trace of their location and existence. I have recently found out that new work is now being done in

T.22N, R17W

T.22N, R18W

T.23N, R17W

T.23N, R18W

T.24N, R17W

T.24N, R18W

If you have a claim in this area do make a call to protect your claim before all the Adits and Shafts on your claim are back filled and your area desecrated.

I would personally like to extend a hand open to communicate with the owners of the Red Warrior, Altata too, Matchless, Mustang, Blackfoot, Hidden Treasure, Jupiter and the Manzanita mines whom are in the same section as my claim. I will be going to Phoenix by the end of the month and plan to go up to Chloride in early August and would love to talk to you about your claim and communicate to you the situation there as well as discuss other matters that can be of interest to you.

You can contact us for the contact information of this claim owner, or for help with your claims.


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