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We sell Nevada Mining Claims throughout much of the year. Nevada has a lot of lower elevation mines that don’t get snowed out in the winter, so this allows us to stake claims almost year round.

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Gold and Silver Mining in Nevada

Nevada is currently the top gold producing state in the U.S., and one of the largest sources of gold in the world, the Carlin Trend. The Carlin Trend was discovered in 1961 by the Newmont Mining Corporation. The ores in the Carlin Trend deposits have more value than any other mineral resource in the country, but Nevada’s mining history reaches a lot farther back then the recent Carlin Trend discovery. In the late 1850’s, the Comstock lode silver discovery became one of the most significant events in the history of the mining West. Virginia City, one of the West’s most important mining centers, was born from the Comstock mines.

Many of the early silver-mining districts also produced considerable quantities of gold. The Comstock Lode, for instance, produced 8,600,000 troy ounces of gold through 1959. The Eureka district produced 1,200,000 troy ounces, and the Robinson copper mine has produced well over 2,700,000 troy ounces of gold, along with over 4 billion pounds of copper.

Nevada’s rugged landscape created ideal conditions for the deposit of a large variety of valuable minerals, which have attracted the attention of miners and prospectors for over 150 years. The hearty souls who traveled the state in search of gold and other valuable minerals left behind a legacy of shafts, adits, glory holes, stopes, mill sites and other features.  The Nevada BLM estimates that there are approximately 10,613 abandoned hardrock mines in the state.

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