How To "Make A Difference"

If you follow us on Facebook, or read the articles in our Newsroom, you have probably noticed that many of our stories and articles deal with the destruction of America’s historic mines and the land surrounding them.  Government land management services shut down the roads leading up to the mines, and use the subsequent inactivity of the mines as a justification for the destruction of the mines and surrounding historic buildings.  Where productive mines once stood, there are now collapsed hillsides, charred piles of debris, and empty fields.  However, there are still many mines left to protect, and many battles left to be fought.  Every day that you hesitate is another day that our country’s mining heritage is being buried under literal tons of rock and dirt.  Don’t wait until tomorrow to join the fight; America’s mines are being destroyed today!


What you can do to help:Road Closed Sign - 1

  • Contact  your local representative
  1. Enter your Zip Code into the provided search box (labeled “Enter you ZIP code:”)
  2. Find the picture of your rep next to the map and click on the Envelope icon to the right of it.
  3. Fill out the contact form completely and write a message (with issue of concern as “Environment”) to your representative letting them know that public land and America’s mining heritage are important to you.  Ask them to join the fight against government seizure and destruction of historic mining claims, and tell them what mining means to you personally.
  • Do as much research as you can about the historical importance of mining, and discover America’s mining heritage for yourself.  Know and understand your rights, and stand up to those that attempt to obfuscate the law.  Get as informed as possible; knowledge is power!
  • If you have mining claims, enforce your rights adamantly, every time.  Never let someone drive you from your claim.  If a government official ever attempts to infringe on your rights, please get their name and information and pass it along to us so we can investigate.

Remember, everything helps.  If you’re too shy to speak out in public, then write a letter to the editor, or find local miners and form a group that works to protect America’s mining history.  No matter where your strengths lie, there are opportunities to get involved in the fight, and to make a difference.