Meet the Gold Rush Expeditions Team

It's the people that make the Gold Rush magic happen. We are a family working towards a common goal of restoring the Mining Heritage of America

Corey  T. Shuman

President and Founder
It’s a passion for the preservation of history that brought Gold Rush Expeditions to life. Since 1994 Corey has been actively working to preserve historic mining sites that were scheduled to be bulldozed. Working with miners and professionals gave a real knowledge for what mining is, not what a geologist or environmentalist says it is. Corey credits much of his knowledge and inspiration to Mr. Edward Gosling, a miner and true friend.

Coming from the federal space of web monitoring and security, Corey left a lucrative career at Raytheon to see a dream realized. It was in 2012 that Corey, along with his business partner and wife, Jessica, took Gold Rush from a small basement business to a real office, and a real staff to go with it. Years later, in a 2400 square foot office, Corey still conducts all of the mining claim surveys personally. Traveling across the western states, Corey and Jessica visit and document some of the most valuable and historic mining properties in America.  It’s not often that a husband and wife team can make a business work, let alone work together, but this team makes it work and makes it work well.

Corey recently added “Grandpa” to his resume. His Grandson, Jackson, may be a future member of the Gold Rush family.

Jessica M. Shuman

Vice President and Co-Founder
Jessica explored her first mine on a very cold and rainy day in the remote Newfoundland Range in Utah. She was amazed and intrigued by what she saw. At that time she began a journey that would define her career. While working as a Registered Nurse, she utilized her flexible schedule to spend time documenting and exploring mining sites.  In 2012, she took the leap from a stable nursing career, to Vice President of Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.

Utilizing her knowledge and experience, Jessica traverses the United States looking for the most interesting and historical mining claims. She loves to be underground, see the history, and what minerals have been left behind.

In her off time,  Jessica enjoys a myriad scope of outdoor activities, including, stand up paddle-boarding, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, quilting, and even a few triathlons. She also has logged many hours at some of the best breweries in the western US, a beer drinking resume that would put to shame even the most accomplished beer aficionado.

Jessica also recently became a Grandmother. She now tries to work in as much time as possible to spend with her daughter Alixx and grandson Jackson.

Crystal Sutton

Internal Operations Manager
Crystal is the lynch pin that keeps Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. running smoothly from day to day. Whether it’s fighting for miners’ rights, validating land statuses, or explaining the ins and outs of mining claims, Crystal makes it all happen. As the Internal Operations Manager at Gold Rush Expeditions, she oversees all of the details that make the Gold Rush world turn.

Crystal has been with the company since June of 2014. She has become a valued asset to the Gold Rush team, and one that we could not do without. As of July, 2016, Crystal took over the Web and Media department, overseeing all of the various aspects and details of this dynamic and demanding department.

Crystal is also an accomplished actress and singer with many successful projects to her credit. When she’s not in the office, she is actively pursuing her acting interests, and loves to write music and sing whenever she gets the chance.

Mike Gillotti

Content Creator/Writer

Mike is responsible for researching and documenting the real history of mining claims located by Gold Rush Expeditions. He painstakingly researches articles and creates original content for Gold Rush Expeditions, showcasing the real history of Mining in the United States. Originally from Connecticut, he grew up in Provo, Utah. He has a background in Digital Media and English, with a degree in Creative Writing. Some of his passions include visual arts, movies/television, and video games. He’s even interested in developing his own indy game someday.

His work and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to the Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. team!

Madi Miller

Administrative Assistant
Madi is the Administrative Assistant to the Internal Operations manager. She answers phone calls, emails, and does whatever she can to assist customer’s needs. Throughout her day she finds stakers, writes documents, and land statuses.

Madi loves to be outdoors; hiking, backpacking, and camping whenever she can. Art is her main passion. She loves painting, commissioning portraits, and creating surrealist album cover artwork. In her spare time she is always playing with her daughter; going on adventures, reading books, and being silly. If she gets time to herself she practices yoga and crystal wrapping.

Kaitlin Manfield

Video Content Editor
Kaitlin is Gold Rush Expeditions’ resident creative video master. She has a true talent for working with the rough, uncut footage that comes from the field. With many challenges from wind, rain and lighting, Kaitlin manages to pull it all together, showcasing the true nature and value of the mining claims. Kaitlin also has a talent for creating epic designs and ideas for new commercials and other promotions for Gold Rush Expeditions. She spearheads the ideas and then turns them into a stunning visual reality.

Kaitlin has had her films and animations featured in state and local competitions. In her spare time Katie enjoys music(creating and performing). She also enjoys creating her own animations and drawings. If she has any spare time after all that, she searches out the silliest of Youtube videos!