How to Mine Gold

Mining can be a little intimidating. For those who ask, “How do I Mine for Gold” we have put together a few pages to help the small scale miner get started. The more prepared you are, the better. Play it safe and learn all you can here and through other mining books and online guides.

First Step to Gold Mining – Reconnaissance

The first trip to your claim should be a reconnaissance mission to assess the claim and gather critical information. Don’t just expect to head out to your claim and be able to work it that same day. This is the first mistake many new claim owners make. Some practical advice for new claim owners. Read before you go.

Second Step – Sampling Your Mine

Some will chose to gather some samples from their reconnaissance trip, and others might choose to wait until the second trip, but before you start mining you will want to samples a few different areas of your mine to find the best sections.

Third Step – Working Your Mine

Alright you have done all of the preliminary work and you’ve taken samples and found the richest areas of your mine, you are now ready to ramp up production and start extracting the ore in large amounts, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Mining Equipment

Here we go over a basic checklist of tools and equipment you will need to work your mine, along with some of the more powerful tools you might want to make the job easier. Technology has come a long way over the past 50 years, which is one clear advantage of mining nowadays.

Mining Terminology

Here you will learn about mining terminology. For those who haven’t been around mining their whole life, listening to seasoned miners may feel like listening to a foreign language. You miss many of the key points. This list will help those who are new to mining with the basic terminology.

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