Mining Laws

The mining law of 1872 is still very much in place, although there have been a few changes over the years. It’s important to know your rights. Sometimes, as we have seen, the BLM and FS will try to challenge your rights. It is up to you be familiar with mining law, to know your rights and to stand up for those rights.

Mining Laws – FAQ

Over the past several years We’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions regarding what you can and can’t do on your claim. We presented these questions to our good friend and mining attorney, Russell D. Hartill. He responded with the answers. This is a good read for anyone with general questions on miner’s rights.

Mining Paperwork

In this section we will cover the paperwork you need to file each year: Annual Maintenance Fees, and Small Miner’s Waivers. We will also cover general guidelines on what falls under Casual Use mining and how to write a Notice of Intent or a Plan of Operations if your mining plans fall outside the scope of Casual Use.

Avoid Being Bullied by the BLM and USFS

Occasionally the BLM or FS might want to restrict your rights on your claim. We have been around long enough to have had a few of these encounters. Thanks to good legal counsel we’ve been able to stand up and defend our rights. This page offers advice on dealing with the BLM and  samples of legal letters we’ve sent to the BLM.

U.S. History: the War on Mining

A brief overview of the role that mining played in building our great nation, and then how the U.S. systematically created laws to crush small scale mining. The many myths that are perpetuated to discourage people from exploring old mines and why we are still able to find quite a few mines out there that haven’t been worked out.

USGS Relabels Gold Mines as Tungsten Mines

Thousands of mines that were known as producing gold mines were somehow relabeled as tungsten mines by the USGS sometime between the 1950s and the 1990s. It’s as if they wanted to hide the true character of these mines. How did this happen? Here we cover the answer to that question and the role that Tungsten played during WWI and WWII.

We are always looking for new topics to cover. If you have suggestions send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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