Mining Claim Tiers

Buying a mining claim is a big decision. We want to give you all the tools to make an educated decision and buy the mine claim that will best fit your goals. Claims can be worked in a variety of ways, under various levels of operation. Some mine claims are better suited to small production and casual use. Some mine claims are ready to go into full production as is.

To assist our clients, our mining claims are organized by tiers. This lets you look at only the mines that fit your needs and goals. The tiers are defined by using our rating system. A clear process that lets you know exactly what you are looking at and what you are going to get. Tier 1 claims are going to be the most expensive, but ready for full scale production. Tier 3 claims will be more suited to the casual weekend miners. Tier 2, well thats somewhere in between. Tiers are broken down as follows:

Tier 1 Claims:

These are the crème of the crop. A tier one mine will have a long, and detailed history. These will be purchased by serious miners that know what they are looking for and expect to put further money into development and bonds. A Tier 1 claim will generally include the following:

  • Documented reserves
  • History of production with figures
  • Visible minerals on the claim and in the mines
  • Intact structures and buildings
  • Be historically significant mines for that area
  • Have over 2600’ of documented workings
  • Likely have multiple adits and shafts on claim with documentation of same
  • These mines will be gold, platinum of precious gem mines
  • These mines will operate best at a Plan of Operation level
  • These mines can be run commercially
  • Nearly Turn-key operations, with minimal work required
  • Pricing will range from $50k-up
  • Usually more than a single claim, but not always
  • These claims will typically have thousands of tons of tailings that could be re-processed for a profit
  • These claims will typically have excellent resources, water, timber, etc…
  • These claims will never be sold on eBay.
Tier 1 Mine Roosevelt

Tier 2 Claims:

These claims will have some aspects of a tier 1 and a tier 3. These mines will operate well at a Plan of Operation level, but this may not be required. They could also easily operate with a Notice of Intent. Persons looking at purchasing these mines should have some knowledge of mining and mining requirements (For those new to mining, we’ve put together some good resources for the first time miner on our Mining 101 pages). Tier 2 claims will typically have:

  • At least 500’ of documented, mapped workings.
  • Likely include more than a single mine, may have multiple adits and shafts that connect.
  • Visible minerals and ore bodies in or around mine.
  • Documented history of the mine and its operation.
  • Gold, gem, platinum, and silver mines; no fluorite mines.
  • These mines would need improvements to operate commercially, including expansion of mine.
  • These mines may have some challenges, which may include water or an entrance that needs to be excavated, before the mine can be worked.
  • The majority of our mines will fall under this tier.
  • Tailings will indicate values and minerals that have been worked. The tailings may be rich enough to be re-worked.
  • Most of these claims will have excellent road access and staging.
  • These claims will be priced from around $15k-100k.
  • Some of claims may be auctioned eBay.

Tier 3 Claims:

These are very entry level claims. These claims are ideal for the casual rock hound or weekend prospector. These mines will have some minerals visible and show excellent potential.

  • These claims will have some workings, but may be collapsed and need excavation
  • You should be able to operate these claims under casual use, with no problem
  • These claims may have a limited or spotty history
  • Mineral values will be harder to define
  • This tier may also include some placer claims
  • This tier will likely be limited to single 20 acre claims
  • These claims may have limited resources
  • These claims may have challenging access
  • These claims may include: gold, silver, fluorite, uranium and other minerals
  • These claims will be placed on eBay, if they are not sold off of the website first
  • These claims will be priced from around $1k-15k

You can view our full catalog of Gold Rush Expeditions Mining Claims here!