GRE, Inc. offers a full range of services including: staking, geologic surveys and sampling and underground surveys. In addition we can help you file claim paperwork, a Notice of Intent, or Plan of Operations. Please feel free to call for a specific quote or to inquire about your project.


GRE, Inc. offers professional staking services with guaranteed accuracy backed by time/date/gps stamped photographs.  We continually monitor all state and county requirements for updates and verify compliance in our documentation.

Stakings are charged on a per stake basis.
• Each stake is photographed with a GPS showing the coordinate and date/time of staking.
• Stakes are made of treated wood for increased outdoor longevity.
• Each Stake is marked with blue flagging by default to make stakes easy to locate. (Custom colors upon request)
• Each stake is marked with a metal tag denoting the claim, stake ID, and location. (Custom notation upon request)
• Photographs can be delivered to client in hard copy or via web where applicable.

Claim Filing


We also offer land status verification, which involves hand checking the plat maps and verifying all of the status against state lands, Indian lands and other withdrawals.

GRE, Inc. will guarantee accuracy in paperwork and submission with all respective counties and governing bodies in relation with mining claims.

Average time for client to receive all paperwork on claims including deeds and documentation is 45-60 business days. This time allows us to make sure that all issues have been resolved and your claim is unencumbered.

Working-SampleGeology Surveys And Samples


Maybe you just want an underground survey with samples. Our trained surveyors will document the exposed veins and lodes in the mine and extract samples from those ore bodies. These to be delivered directly to the claim owner or to one of our trusted Assayers. All samples are the property of the claim owner and are held strictly confidential.

Maybe you need some deep drilling and core sampling? We can do that as well. Drilling and core sample extractions are contracted out to GRE trusted companies.

Working-WorkingMine Exploration

Underground exploration can be dangerous. Our teams utilize both oxygen and gas meters to monitor air quality and are trained to safely navigate the inner workings of underground operations. Exploration occurs to the extent that is viably safe for the Surveyor to do so. In the case of re-opening closed mines, we require at least 30 days lead time for the mine to clear of “dead air”.

If it is determined that the mine cannot be safely documented, there will be a $100 survey fee. This fee will include pictures of the site from outside the mine and surrounding area. Underground exploration is billed at $1 per foot. Excavation services are on a case by case quote. Mine owner is responsible for any permits required from state to state.

Laws-PaperworkNotice Of Intent / Operation

A solid notice of operation is the cornerstone of any mining operation. We offer our expertise and years of experience to help you write an effective Notice that gets approved. We have written over 100 Notices of Intent/Operation that have all been successfully approved by Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management agencies.

Mine Exploration

(Per Shaft or Adit)
$1 per Foot


Per Stake

Claim Filing

(Per Claim)

Geologist Survey

Inc. Map, Geo Review, and Survey
$3500.00 (per claim)

Documented Sampling

(per sample)

Core Sampling

(Request bid)
  • Call our office for a quote: 385-218-2138

Assay Services

Price Varies
  • Call our office for a quote: 385-218-2138

Notice of Intent

Length of Filing Depends on County
$180 per hour