Believe it or not, here at Gold Rush, we keep an eye out on the world of mining claims and sales. One infamous ebay seller in particular, by the name of Steven Cyros, or “scyros,”  is one of our favorites.

Since 2012, when Steve heard the idea of mining claims, he’s been slinging garbage claims all over eBay. He has claims staked on patented lands, and if it’s a claim where you can find water, it must be a placer! It’s a sad emulation of what we do, and while they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we here at Gold Rush are not flattered in any way.

In a further attempt to deceive, Steve created the “Department of Land Transfer Information”. Sounds official, right? Except for the fact that a mining claim is not a transfer of land. It’s the ownership of mineral rights. Steve dresses himself up like a BLM Brownshirt and starts roaming the hills looking for anything that he can “file a claim on”. It’s pathetic and infuriating, because the only ones fooled are the uneducated, and they really take the hit.

In one of his current auctions we found this section. It showcases his ignorance and intent to deceive. It is priceless.

This claim is an adit

Love it, its not a lode, not a placer, the claim is an “adit”.

It is blocked off with stone which was probably done anywhere from 40-50 years ago.

Oh so much awesome here. First that is recent reclamation work, Id put it at 5-7 years ago at the most. Maybe that’s a 50 year old piece of rebar with the marker on it?

 interesting since the stone becomes like concrete

No words for this. Stone like concrete when its been concreted together.

a small space was left for rodents/wildlife to access the claim

Its actually a drain for the mine. As the water accumulates in the MINE (not the claim) it needs to drain out.

Reopening this claim would be very beneficial, since amazingly it does not have any tailings on site. The absence of tailings means that everything that was pulled out many years ago was processed. Normally, when there are tailings it means that all of the high grade ore was removed from site, and the low-mid grade or was not since the cost of transportation would be higher than the profit. With today’s processing, the low-mid grade ore will be high grade,since our methods are far more efficient.

Just read this, and then read it again. There is so much wrong with this paragraph and it showcases his complete ignorance of mining. Re-opening the claim? C’mon Steve, its a Mine, a mine that needs to be opened, the claim is the land.

A lack of tailings or waste dump means they processed everything? All the waste rock and everything? Wrong again Steve, the site has been reclaimed. Part of this work is that the dumps are buried or bulldozed out around the land.

A little further digging shows that this area was slated for closure in 2011. The actual reclamation occurred from 2012-2014.

Steve also reports: “Commodities: Primary: Gold”. Well there’s another lie, there are no Gold mines in the district. The district name should give this away,  “Copper Mountain Pegmatite District”. The term “pegmatite” has been deleted in the listing. The Copper Mountain Pegmatite District is known for Uranium, irradiated calcite, some quartz and a whole lot of mica.

The first assumption might be to say that Steve really has no idea what’s going on. He lacks the proper expertise and experience. But that is not the case, if it was, his ads would be clear and concise and disclose the details of the mine. But Steve is a little too slick for that, he writes every hole and river as if its a long lost gold mine, hoping to sucker people in.

To add insult to that, his material, formats and statements are plagiarized from Gold Rush Expeditions ads. Right down to the bold faced lie that his mines are certified by the National Bureau of Mines. It just so happens that Gold Rush Expeditions is the parent company of the National Bureau of Mines. We have never even been approached by Steve, nor have we ever endorsed any mines from Steve or the Department of Land Transfer.

Take a look at the listing and see his deceptions for yourself.

Now you might ask, why do we care? It’s as simple as this: There are some very good mining claims out there, and there are some very good sellers. If you look around you will find them. There are also dirtbags like this who thrive on deceiving the public into buying garbage claims. These people get screwed, then they begin bad mouth mining and mining claims. They assume all mining claims are a scam. This is nothing new, scumbags like Steve have been screwing people for well over 100 years. Even Mark Twain once said, “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing on top of it.” Sounds like he came across Steve Cyros at the top of a pegmatite mine.

Getting rid of unscrupulous individuals like Mr. Steven Cyros, and his garbage claims, will actually benefit the mining community as a whole. If prospectors are forced to validate their claims and held accountable, we will have a lot less Steven Cyros types around. Spread the word, and let’s get these roaches out of mining.

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