Gold Rush Expeditions

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. image from Constitution Mining claim

Since 2004 Gold Rush Expeditions®, Inc. has been providing high quality mining claim properties to clients of all ages and abilities.


Our company is based on a few simple concepts: 

Mining is a right for all citizens. 

According to the laws and rule of the United States, any US citizen or US Based corporation has the right to located and develop mineral deposits located in the United States. This right has been in place since the inception of the United States and is as valuable today as it has ever been. 

Mining is the most simple and direct method for building wealth.  

Throughout history and today, Mining is a silent wealth builder. That means you might not hear about the massive dividends and returns that small miners and large mining companies bring in each year, but make no mistake, mining is very profitable when properly executed.  

Not every hole in the ground is a valuable mine. 

For every 100 mines found in the field, there are only a handful of properties that have a real value. This means documented reserves, established history of production and development and survey information, including assays all validate the value of the deposits on a mining property. 

With these concepts in mind, we scour the western United states. We locate and survey mining properties that are old and new. We bring the data that you need to define the viability of the mining project.  

Many people do not understand what mining is today, or even that it is a possible career. We strive to bring mining back to the forefront of society. There was a day that mining openly drove the development of the western United States. Empires and cities were built on the extraction of minerals from the ground. The technical revolution is a poor revolution when compared with the money and prosperity created by mining. 

Our pricing is 0.1% of the valuation of documented assets on the property. This allows the developer to work with a reasonable return on investment. 

Finally, we educate people on what is needed to start working a mining site profitably. Mining isn’t a cheap start up, and prospecting isn’t mining. Mining is the development of a valuable mineral resource, when you develop that resource, you will be rewarded.  

History always repeats. And Mining isn’t going away.  

Today after 30 years, Gold Rush continues to be the leader of the field. Providing mineral properties to every walk of life, from the beginning prospector to the multi-billion dollar mining companies. 

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