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Our Journey thus far!

The Gold Rush Expeditions saga started from humble beginnings. Founder Corey Shuman credits author George Thompson and his book called “Some Dreams Die”. The book is basically a treasure hunter’s handbook, George set up grand images of mining days gone by and the lost treasures buried by miners, Indians, and other outlaws.

In 1989, Driver’s license in one hand and a well read, dog-eared copy of “Some Dreams Die” in the other, Shuman set out to find these lost treasures. Endless days and long starry nights were spent wandering and exploring the mountains and canyons of Utah’s remote and unforgiving west Desert. Countless hours were spent matching lore with real maps and history and then locating and documenting the old areas. One aspect became clear and consistent with each discovery, everything started and ended with Mining.

From these humble beginnings, Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. has grown to become one of the dominant forces in the mining industry. Preserving valuable and historic sites from the bulldozer blades of the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Acquiring mining properties all across the western states with real, defined values and deposits. One this has not changed, Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is still all about chasing down the gold and silver all across the west.

Today, after nearly 30 years, Gold Rush continues to be the leader in the field. Providing mineral properties to every walk of life, from the beginning prospector to the multi-billion dollar mining companies.

View our timeline below for an overview of the Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. journey thus far.

Timeline of Gold Rush Expeditions


The original inception of Gold Rush Expeditions. Founder, Corey Shuman, after reading countless books on lost treasures, heads out into the wild to find treasure. What he finds is Mines and Mining History. Every treasure tale and location has its roots in a mine or mining camp.


Shuman, while surveying an undisclosed mine in Utah’s remote west desert, comes across a large lump of slag in a waste pile. This slag turns out to be nearly pure silver. The lump is sold for a tidy amount and the mining efforts begin in earnest.


With well over 100 mines surveyed across the state of Utah, it comes to light that many mines are being bulldozed, blasted and actively destroyed. There is no regard for the value of minerals or the history which may lie inside the mines. The Utah Department of Oil Gas and Mining is waging a war on mining and its artifacts.

Shuman begins to organize small groups of people with like minded goals to help preserve these mines, camps and history. The concept is called “Gold Rush Expeditions” and its purpose is to show people what is still remaining and what is in jeopardy of being destroyed.


The UGTMPG, Utah Ghost Town and Mining Preservation Group is formed. Its following is growing slowly, one of the original members is Mr. Ed Gosling. Gosling and Shuman quickly become friends sharing a common bond of documenting what is left.


With reclamation efforts in full swing in the state of Utah. Gold Rush Expeditions forms as a not-for-profit organization.


With input from Russel D. Hartill Esq, Shuman begins the first foray into Mining Claims. The Monarch Mine and Mill in the Lakeside Mountains is scheduled for destruction. Shuman files and stakes claims on the property in question.


Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is re-formed as a for profit corporation. Holding activities and events across the state which promote mining and mining history and showcase the destructive actions of the BLM and DOGM. That same year, John Baza, head of the DOGM announces that it is time to erase the scar of mining from the state of Utah.


Gold Rush hosts the First annual Spring Safari – Allowing people from all over the world to experience Utah’s Mining Camps and Mines. The event is an instant hit and is attended by people from across the nation.


Gold Rush grows in prominence and in stature but also makes a number of enemies in Utah’s upper echelon. By calling out the destruction of the mines, Gold Rush is costing the state reclamation dollars. The annual Spring Safari is forever shelved after zealous BLM agents change dates on permits a week before the event.


Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc., unsure of the value of their mining claims, brings claims into the 21st century pioneering the sale of mining claims on eBay.


Jessica Shuman joins the Gold Rush family, bringing her passion for the history and an eye for meticulous details.

Gold Rush establishes the National Bureau of Mines. A repository of information about mines that have been surveyed and documented and their current state. The name is a stab at the now defunct United States Bureau of Mines which was deemed obsolete by Clinton in 1994.


Allegations from angry local ranchers begin to pop up. As Gold Rush is locating more and more valuable and potentially commercial sized mine sites, it is infringing on cattle lands and getting under the skin of the “good ole” boys.

With unfounded accusations by Thomas Waite, the BLM and Utah State Attorney launch a full investigation into the actions and legality of what Gold Rush is doing.

Gold Rush customer who purchased a mine for $1000 moves into full production and shows a profit of $1.7 million dollars in 3rd year.


Gold Rush goes corporate. With a full staff of surveyors, office staff and equipment, the company begins to survey mines in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Gold Rush also sponsors in full, the National Historic Mining Initiative in Park City, Utah. A two-day event with various guests and workshops examining the history of mining and the viability for the future.


Gold Rush expands again locating claims in Oregon, Washington and Montana


Gold Rush again expands its territory branching into California, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and the Dakotas.


Gold Rush TV Pilot. With help from a stellar cast of friends and family, a pilot for “Claim Hunters” is made at a cost of $33,000.00. The series is pitched to Discovery but dies on the floor because of producer and network issues.

After 4 long years and millions of dollars spent. The Attorney General dismisses all complaints made against Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. and states there never has been any wrong doing.

Mr. Waite is successfully sued by Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. for defamation and is ordered to cease and desist any further harassment of the company.


Video documentation moves from a niche concept to a well-defined methodology of capturing information. Gold Rush produces videos in house for nearly every mine of significance in their inventory.


Gold Rush Expeditions, in conjunction with its partners, starts up the Mining Safety and Training Authority to train small miners how to mine like big miners.

Gold Rush locates its first claims with over $1,000,000,000.00 (billion) in mineral reserves.


Gold Rush moves from its small and humble offices into a new, modern but retro space in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Gold Rush inventory value climbs to over $10,000,000.00(Million).