Cuba Mineral Property

A Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID : NMC1136607

20 Acre Lode Claim – Granite Mining District – White Pine County, NV

Inventory Reduction Sale Price:$2,500.00

(Price Valid Until 9/28/2018)

The Cuba is a very remote and unmolested gold mining site. Positioned in the southern end of the Egan Range, just north of Ely. The mine is tucked into a high mountain valley at 7500ft. The mine is rich with Silver, large, blocked reserves of it. Of more interest were some sections of the ore bodies where we found free milling gold.


However, this should be viewed primarily as a high value, high grade silver mine. There are a number of drifts following the high grade sections of the lode, with some large open stopes exposing ore bodies containing gold and silver deposits.

The location is stunning, however, underground is more impressive when documenting silver deposits that were left as “not rich enough”. Consider that when this mine was being worked, silver was an average of .50 (cents) per ounce. Today it hovers around $16.00 (dollars) and is in a severe shortage. Even the US Mint has slowed production of Silver Eagle coins due to shortages.

The Cuba mining claim is located on the Egan Range, 32 miles north of Ely, NV. This is a historic site and noted on most old maps, and talked about in many of the historical documents that refer to the district and surrounding area.
The Cuba is, bar none, one of the largest mines in the district and the largest producer. The silver is still rich and what was left as mid to low grade yesterday is extreme high grade today.

The pavement ends about 13 miles from the claim site, but the dirt roads we smooth and in excellent repair. This is likely a result of the mine being optioned well into the 1960s. The roads can be accessed by most any 2wd vehicle, but we do recommend a high clearance 4wd for the winter months as the claim sits at about 7500’ of elevation and inclement weather can change conditions quickly.

An expansive amount of room for vehicles and staging equipment. A cursory look into the bushes shows thousands of old cans, bottles, and various miners trash. There were a lot of people here, working a lot of ores but they are all gone now.
We didn’t find any fresh water on the site, but noted a spring down by the main trail.

This site is recommended for small to mid-sized mining companies. The silver values are very high, but will require processing off-site. The gold will need to be separated from the silver which will be expensive. This work will need to be done in bulk amounts to make the operation profitable. This mine will not operate at any profit without processing substantial amounts of ores.

This claim is part of the inventory reduction sale, valid only until September 28th 2018. These properties are discounted because they do not have a full GRMP-43 reporting. They may not have had an entire on the ground survey completed and/or have not been fully documented.

If these properties do not sale during the inventory reduction sale, they will be taken off the market and Gold Rush Expeditions will complete the GRMP-43’s and resurvey of the properties. The properties will then be offered at another date at a substantially higher price,

Mine Quick Facts
Access25 miles of easy 2WD high clearance roads in dry conditions. Wet conditions may require 4WD.
Nearest City with Amenities40 miles to Barstow, California
CommoditiesGold, Iron, Quartz
Total Workings390 feet
Acres20 Acres
Claim TypeLode
TailingsNone. No milling on site
Waste DumpSurveyors found quartz and iron prevalent in the tailings which is always a good sign for finding gold as well.
Mine Development2 Adits

All properties that are part of the Inventory Reduction sale will be sold for $2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred dollars and no cents) plus $349.00 (Thre hundred forty-nine dollars and no cents)(per claim) documentation fees, regardless of previous valuations.

Properties have had annual assessments paid for the 2019 year and no assessments are due until the 2020 assessment year.

A deposit of $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars and no cents) may be paid via credit card to hold the property for up to 7 (seven) days.  Buyer may also make depsoit via check, cash or wire transfer. Property will not be considered sold until payment has been received in full.

With $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars and no cents) deposit, an invoice for the remaining balance due will be sent via email. The remaining balance will be due within 7 days from deposit being made. The remaining balance due may be paid via wire transfer, cash, check or cashiers check. Credit cards will only be accepted for the initial deposit.

If remaining balance is not received within 7 days, deposit will be considered forfeit. There are no refunds.

Once full payment has been received, a quit claim deed transfering the claims from Gold Rush Expeditions to the new owner will be completed, recorded and filed as required by law. Upon return of the recorded documents, Gold Rush Expeditions will send the new owner copies of recorded files.