Dover Mineral Property

A Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID : NMC1141828

20 Acre Lode Claim – Fitting Mining District – Mineral County, Nevada

Inventory Reduction Sale Price:$2,500.00

(Price Valid Until 9/28/2018)

The Dover Gold Mine is a sister mine to the Green Talc Gold Mine. The two mines are often referred to together in documentation as the Dover and Green Talc. Historically gold and copper were worked from what was initially reported as epithermal lode vein. Corundum (sapphire) is noted and found in quantities in the lower levels.

The mine is a series of small prospect cuts and a large pit that has been opened around 2 timbered shafts. The Shafts are 1.5 compartment shafts with intact manways and haulage passages. The pit has been opened presumably to expose ore bodies and define lodes. It was originally thought that these mines were cut on epithermal vents. This may be true, in which case there are various veins and offshoots of the main vents that were being explored via drifts off the main shaft.

There is good access to the mines via a county dirt road. It does require high clearance 4WD to access and may be subject to seasonal washouts. The road will need to be improved to facilitate larger dump trucks or heavy equipment. There is ample parking at the main mine camp for 5-7 vehicles.

The Dover has been noted for corundum and gold. Corundum is also known as Sapphire. It is second only to diamonds in hardness. Gem quality samples have been reported and can be seen in a rock shop outside of Hawthorne.  The gold in this mine is found in small particulates, most notably in columns of ore near quartz and oxidized copper deposits. Corundum is more prevalent at the Dover mine than the Green Talc mine. The material can be broken out by hand and then cut for gems or other commercial uses. Gold will be processed from this mine by chemical separation. The gold being too small to be recovered by conventional methods.

There are no buildings or resources of note on the claim. The roads to the claim continue past the Dover Mine and up to the Green Talc Property. There are no resources available on the claim, water, shade and other amenities will need to be addressed.

This claim should be considered for miners with some advanced knowledge of processing and separation. It is likely there will be a Notice of Operation required to profitably extract gold from the property. This claim could be utilized under Casual Use by small miners who are looking to work the Corundum deposits inside the mine. This work would be done by hand and not require permitting. The gold at the Dover Mine is not free milling and would be difficult if not impossible to separate without chemicals and mechanized processing methods.

This claim is part of the inventory reduction sale, valid only until September 28th 2018. These properties are discounted because they do not have a full GRMP-43 reporting. They may not have had an entire on the ground survey completed and/or have not been fully documented.

If these properties do not sale during the inventory reduction sale, they will be taken off the market and Gold Rush Expeditions will complete the GRMP-43’s and resurvey of the properties. The properties will then be offered at another date at a substantially higher price,

Mine Quick Facts
AccessHigh clearance 4WD required to access claim
Nearest City with Amenities13 miles to Hawthorne, Nevada
CommoditiesGold, Copper, Corundum
Total Workings75-100 feet
Acres20 Acres
Claim TypeLode
TailingsMost likely processed up at the Green Talc site.
Waste DumpLots of iron stained quartz, galena and oxidized pyrite
Mine Development1 shaft, I short adit and open pit

All properties that are part of the Inventory Reduction sale will be sold for $2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred dollars and no cents) plus $349.00 (Thre hundred forty-nine dollars and no cents)(per claim) documentation fees, regardless of previous valuations.



Properties have had annual assessments paid for the 2019 year and no assessments are due until the 2020 assessment year.

A deposit of $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars and no cents) may be paid via credit card to hold the property for up to 7 (seven) days.  Buyer may also make depsoit via check, cash or wire transfer. Property will not be considered sold until payment has been received in full.

With $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars and no cents) deposit, an invoice for the remaining balance due will be sent via email. The remaining balance will be due within 7 days from deposit being made. The remaining balance due may be paid via wire transfer, cash, check or cashiers check. Credit cards will only be accepted for the initial deposit.

If remaining balance is not received within 7 days, deposit will be considered forfeit. There are no refunds.

Once full payment has been received, a quit claim deed transfering the claims from Gold Rush Expeditions to the new owner will be completed, recorded and filed as required by law. Upon return of the recorded documents, Gold Rush Expeditions will send the new owner copies of recorded files.