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We’ve been impressed with the gold mines we’ve found in Montana over the years. Most years we head up to Montana and Colorado as soon as the snow melts, and we make several trips to Montana throughout the summer and into the fall, before the snow flies. This means we will have claims available through the summer and into the early winter months. Rich gold, beautiful mountains, clear streams and plenty of wood to support your mining operations are some of the reasons why Montana gold mines are so highly prized.

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Montana is known as: the Big Sky Country, the Treasure State and the Last Best Place, all of which monikers it readily deserves. Almost all Montana gold mines are located in the western part of the state on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. Montana ranks 8th in total gold production among the western states. Helena, Montana’s Capitol, was born during the gold rush of 1864. By the late 1880’s, Helena had more millionaires per capita than anywhere in the world. Mining barons built fabulous mansions in what is now known as the Mansion District. Despite the riches at Helena, Montana’s mining legacy was built on the great copper mines of Butte Montana. Butte was the greatest mining camp in the world and grew to a frontier metropolis of over 100,000 inhabitants. Today many of the mining-era buildings, homes, and mansions remain in what is undoubtedly the most historically significant location in the mining west. 

As of 1997 159,704 claims had been recorded with the Bureau of Land of Montana since 1975. Of those claims, 21,055 (13%) are still active and occupy 245,869 acres of U.S. public land. Approximately 4,915 abandoned hardrock mines exist in Montana according to the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service estimates.

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We’ve also put together some resources for you in our education center – Mining 101 – where we cover a wide range of topics ranging from how to work your mine to common legal questions about mining claims.