Gold Rush Expeditions Review

Gold Rush Expeditions has been fighting for mining rights for over 20 years now, and not without some opposition. We have made significant headway and a lot of current conditions and regulations can be directly attributed to our actions. We’ve had illegal investigations from the Utah Attorney General, which have been beaten down in court, but at no small cost. We have had BLM rangers removed from positions, Forest Service has offered cash settlements for us to shut our mouths. And still we continue on. Our mission is to stand up for the rights of the small scale miner, and preserve historic mines from being recklessly reclaimed by the BLM and Forest Service. There are those out there who don’t agree with our mission and over the past two decades we’ve ruffled a few feathers. There are two videos out there that paint us in a bad light. Both are from KSL, a prominent Utah news outlet. These videos are discussed below.

The first video was made after we saw a claim lapse on the Crystal Ball Cave in Utah. We staked a new claim over the cave and put it up for sale. The family that previously owned the claim and the BLM had a fit and soon contacted the KSL news station. We took down the claim from eBay and dropped the claim. It was too much of a headache, and we learned from that experience, and moved on. Unfortunately we had created some unfriendly feelings with Hollenhorst, a reporter at KSL, who jumped on a chance to cover a story where we were accused of claim jumping. Thomas Waite was the accuser. He would contact our customers in Utah and convince them that their claims were invalid. He was able to convince quite a few of our customers. Once our customers bought into his lies and failed to renew their claims he would then stake claims over their lapsed claims. We took Thomas Waite to court and won, but a follow up was never covered in the news, nor will it ever be.

The one thing we guarantee is that our claims are valid. We might not be able to guarantee the value of the minerals on the claim, although we do our best, but the one thing we absolutely guarantee is the validity of our claims.

View both of the original stories as they aired on KSL here:
Crystal Ball Cave up for auction on eBay
Investigators Probe Allegations of Claim-Jumping

Still not satisfied? More discussion about both videos can be found at the bottom of this post:
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