GRMP-43© Technical Mining Reports

As a part of our commitment to providing the highest quality mining properties to our clients, we provide full technical reports with all mining properties. We call these reports GRMP-43© Technical Reports.  

GRMP-43© Technical Reports cover all aspects of the mining property, including, but not limited to: Geology, structure, reserves, history of the site, current status, historical production and current status. The biggest piece of the technical report is our survey validation. This is a “boots on the ground” examination. This survey includes hands on examination of the entire surface of the property. Documenting outcrops, waste dumps, tails, adits, shafts and other workings. 

We make every attempt to safely access any underground workings to further our understanding of the deposit and the minerals in place. Grab samples are taken from surface dumps and tailings piles and assayed. This information is presented in each technical report. When underground is accessible, samples will be taken from high grade veins and deposits. These samples will be assayed and documented in the technical report. 

Contours and surface abnormalities are noted and documented as our mineral surveyors create a map of the claims. Underground we utilize specialized compasses along with measuring devices to create a mapping of the workings. 

All aspects of the surface and underground mineral deposits are photographed in high-resolution, 25MP or better using new cameras with cutting edge technology. Video documentation is captured in 4k resolution above and below ground so that you can see exactly what we are seeing. Overhead drone footage shot in 4k completes the surface assessment, noting all elements and aspects of the property. 

All of this work and  research is matched with what was seen in the field and when it is all compiled you have a comprehensive technical report that gives the full picture of the operation, the historical assessment and the potential moving forward. 

Its an extremely intensive process but it gives our client the full picture of the property without ever leaving your desk 

GRMP-43© Technical Reports are only available on Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc®. properties and only from Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.® 

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