Annual Inventory Reduction Sale

August 20, 2018 – September 28th

A select group of valuable Gold Rush Expeditions mining properties offered at rock botton pricing


It happens once a year. We pay all the annual assessments on our mining properties and realize there are some claims we just are not going to see this year. Our company goal is to help the small miner and this is the best way we can do that.

These are partially surveyed properties with no GRMP-43 reports. These properties have the annual assessments paid through 2019.

These properties are ready to work, but have limited information on them. There is very little survey details and or history on the properties. These are the same properties that will sell for much more once we know the history and complete a resurvey of them.

These are not properties to be discarded, they are quite valuable, but we lack the time to address them in this fiscal year. Many of these properties have been held by Gold Rush Expeditions for many years. That gives you the opportunity to snap them up for pennies, do the research and survey work yourself and start your mining venture!

Don’t wait until you see your favorite property up for sale next year for thousands more! Seize the day! Fortune favors the Brave. Get on this now!