Leasing Mining Claims

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Gold Rush Expeditions Leasing of mining claims offers owners the flexibility to utilize their capital for development and move into immediate production. Instead of paying for mining claims up front, lessors are able to submit a Notice of Operation and develop their mining claims immediately.

Gold Rush Expeditions leases require some special considerations, as such, no mining claims with a value of less than 100k is viable for our leasing program.

Lease payments and downpayments are established based on the valuation of the mining claims and the duration of the lease.


$100k-500k5 year Minimum$50,000.00$1000.00
$501k-$1mil5 year Minimum$125,000.00$2500.00
$1.01mil-$3mil7 year Minimum$300,000.00$6000.00
$3.01mil and up10 year Minimum$500,000.00$10,000.00

Leasing mining claims not for you? Check out Gold Rush Expeditions Financing or Cash purchase options.

All Gold Rush Expeditions mining claim leases are subject to terms and conditions. Contact us for more information.

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