David vs. Goliath

It’s what it can feel like sometimes. When a Forest Service or BLM Ranger threatens you in the field. When you get that dreaded letter about your claim from the BLM.

You are the little guy standing up to the entire weight of the Department of the Interior. We know the feeling. We have been there, most days we are still there. But change starts with a single voice.

With that in mind, Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. stands behind our claim owners, offering legal advice from real attorneys.

We take mining rights seriously. Hopefully, you will never have any problems with the Forest Service or BLM employees, but if you ever do you can rest assured that we will be in your corner, fighting to protect your mining rights.

If you are having an issue, give us a call, or just fill in the form below and we will review your information and contact you, usually within 1 business day!

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