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Historic Lucky Boy Mine – Ely, Nevada

Asking Price$4,500/Not Eligible for Financing


Historic Lucky Boy Mineral Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID: NMC1136611

20 Acre Lode Claim – Osceola District – White Pine County, Nevada

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Lucky Boy Mineral Property. The Lucky Boy mine is contained within this 20 acre lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Lucky Boy Mine is located just outside of Ely, Nevada and has been properly staked and marked at all corners.

All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims are meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. On site field work is completed by Corey Shuman and Jessica Shuman, nationally recognized Mineral Surveyors with over 36 years of combined experience.

Located in the heart of Nevada’s gold bearing Osceola District, The Lucky Boy Mineral Claim covers the entire workings of the Lucky Boy Mine. A series of adits and shafts make up well over 800′ of underground development.

The Lucky Boy Mine has been historically worked for gold, silver, and lead. Believed to have been discovered in early 1900, and worked intermittently by small-scale operations through 1982.

Production numbers are not available and history of the site is very spotty. Mineral assessment is based off reports and documentation collected from inside and near the mine camp.

Discarded relics on the site consist of a large motor with some hydraulic parts and pieces.

There are remnants of a very old arrastra below the mine entrance. This is an indicator of the gold deposits located here. Silver and galena are not processed by crushing and separating. The quartz and small bits of gold visible in the current condition of the mine are a good indication of potential in the area. The mines and workings should be cored and assayed to determine the highest value regions.

Estimated 150,000 tons of waste dump. One large pile appears to be a high-grade stash and showed good quartz and metallic ores. This high-grade pile is estimated 4 tons.

Plenty of room for parking and staging vehicles and equipment on the claim as existing.

The Lucky Boy Mine claim is recommended for a small miner who could operate under casual use guidelines. The deposit should be examined, explored and defined before major operations are undertaken.


More details

IMGP5526 - Mining Claim for Sale

Collapsed entrance. Not surveyed.

Mine Details:

Access to the MineEasily accessible
Tailings PresentNone
EntranceSoft conglomerate rock
Mine CutTrench
Depth / Length20 feet
Minerals in the MineGold, Silver, Quartz
Foot Traffic in the MineNone
Last Worked 1941, Surveys in 1982 and 2017

Lucky Boy Mine Survey Notes

The Lucky Boy Mine Claims contains no less than 3 adits and a single shaft within its boundaries. An adit is historically reported with a length of 350′. The survey team was unable to locate this particular adit, but evidence of a larger adit was found. This adit had collapsed at the portal and was inaccessible. The waste dumps show white quartz, some pyrites and small bits of gold. No silver or lead was noted or defined.

Another smaller adit drifts only 30′ and showed substantial iron stained quartz, but very little of any other minerals.

IMGP5526 - Mining Claim for Sale

2nd Mine Portal

Mine Details:

Access to the MineEasily accessible
Tailings Present50 cubic yards, Quartz
EntranceSoft conglomerate rock
Mine CutAdit
Depth / Length30 feet
Minerals in the MineGold, Silver, Quartz
Foot Traffic in the MineNone
Last Worked

Survey Notes

This adit is cut into a solid rock face on the hillside of the claim. This is most likely a newer working on the claim. The Drift is 30 and cut chasing along a vein that that shows copper and oxidized iron in quartz.


IMGP5526 - Mining Claim for Sale

Lucky Boy Mine Portal 3

Mine Details:

Access to the MineSmall entrance, had to crawl
Tailings Present80 cubic yards, Quartz
EntranceSoft conglomerate rock
Mine CutAdit
Depth / Length500 feet
Minerals in the MineGold, Silver, Quartz
Foot Traffic in the MineNone
Last Worked

Survey Notes

The last and largest portal on the claim. The lower adit entrance will take you back into the main tunnel with multiple cross drifts and runs back 177 feet to the face. A shaft was found 62 feet into a cross-drift. There are also two winzes inside the drifts, these both are flooded within 40′ of the main level. The workings in this mine chase a wide quartz body with multiple offshoots. The quartz shows oxidized iron and pyrites. This combined with copper, galena and some free-milling gold.

IMGP5526 - Mining Claim for Sale

Aerial view of claim and boundaries.

Number of Mines3 Adits, 1 shaft, 1 Trench
Nearest city with amenities53 miles- Ely, NV
Access to the ClaimHigh clearance 2WD/4WD
Parking and Staging on the claimParking available within 30 yards of mine
ResourcesWood, Seasonal water, No power noted
Structures on claimWater tank
Relics on the claimBarrels, Pipe, Metal scraps, Old rusted tools
Elevation7400 feet



IMGP5526 - Mining Claim for Sale

Weather data from nearby city – Ely, Nevada


Disclaimer: This MRDS information is provided for reference only and does not represent the actual mine or the current state or mineral content or value. It should not be perceived as accurate or definitive. MRDS information should not be relied on as decision data, the MRDS system has not been updated in over 20 years. The US Bureau of Mines, who was responsible for mining site assessment was disbanded in 1994. USGS and MRDS information has not been updated in over 66 years.

Ownership information

OwnerLucky Boy Mining And Milling Co.
First year1922


  • Silver – Primary
  • Lead – Primary

Materials information

MaterialsType of material

Analytical data


Host and associated rocks

Host or associatedHost
Rock typeMetamorphic Rock > Metasedimentary Rock > Quartzite

Nearby scientific data

(1)Quartzite, phyllitic siltstone, conglomerate, limestone, and dolomite

Ore body information

General formTABULAR
StrikeN 30-60 W
Dip35-85 SW

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Development statusPast Producer
Commodity typeMetallic
Deposit sizeSmall


Comments on the workings information


Comments on the location information



USGS Database – 10046977


Osceola District Information


Gold-bearing veins were discovered on the western slope of the  Snake Range, in the vicinity of Pilot Knob Ridge, in August 1872.  Early locations included the Western Slope, Exchange, Pilot, and  Osceola lodes (Whitehill, 1875, p. 78). The Cumberland mine was  located in 1874, and the Golden Eagle and Credit ledges were also  being worked in that year. Ore from these ledges and the Osceola ledge were being treated in a Mexican arastra (Whitehill, 1877, p.  170-171). Lode workings in the district are grouped in five  principal areas: Gold Exchange, on Pilot Knob Ridge; Mary Ann Canyon, south of Pilot Knob Ridge; Summit, at the base of the ridge south of Osceola Summit; Whitney, south of the Summit workings and  higher on the ridge; and Mulligan, at the head of Jacks Gulch,  between Pilot Knob Ridge and the Summit area. The most extensive underground workings were in the Star, Crescent, Time Check, Cumberland, and Exchange mines of the Gold Exchange group (Hose and  others, 1976, p. 61). 

In 1878, a stamp mill was erected to replace the earlier arrastras; other stamp mills were built in 1916 and 1921, and the district produced lode gold intermittently at least through 1959,  the last year of recorded production. Total lode production from the district, 1872-1959 is about $1,419,000 in gold, silver, lead,  zinc, and copper (Hose and others, 1976, p. 62). This figure may include some production from the Woodman and Gilded Age mines in  the adjacent Sacramento district.

Tungsten was discovered at the Pea Ridge mine (possibly the Skipper mine at the head of Ohio Canyon) in 1916, and both gold and  tungsten concentrates were recovered from a stamp mill constructed on the property. Tungsten was found in ores at the Black Mule mine, near the mouth of Serpent Gulch, about 1930 and at the Dirty Shirt mine, on the south end of Pilot Knob Ridge, about 1941. Between  1930-1938 and 1941-1943, the Black Mule and Dirty Shirt mines  produced about 1170 units of W03. The Skipper mine (Pea Ridge), in Ohio Canyon, produced an additional 175 units of W03 between  1916-1918 and 1954-1955.  

None of the various deposits in the Osceola district were  active when the area was visited in August, 1990. Exploration and  possibly some development was reported to have taken place on the  Hogum gold placer properties within the past two years, however,  and equipment remains on the property. [1]


The oldest rocks in the exposed in the district are Precambrian quartzite, conglomerate quartzite, and argillite.  These rocks are overlain conformably by the Cambrian Prospect Mountain Quartzite, Pioche Shale, and Pole Canyon Limestone and are intruded by granitic rocks of Mesozoic(?) age. The sedimentary strata are tilted westward, commonly about 35′, but locally as much  as 85′, and in some localities-notably at the Osceola mine, they  dip north. The sedimentary rocks are cut by steep faults that trend  north or northeast and both the granite and sedimentary rocks are  cut by joints and sheeted zones of small displacement. All of the sedimentary rocks exposed within  the Osceola district lie in lower-plate rocks, below the Snake  Range.[1]


  1. Mineral Resources, Schell Resource Area, Ely, Nevada 1991;

District Overview:

District AliasesWeaver Creek, Summit Diggings, Hogum, Willard Creek, Grub Gulch, Dry Gulch Tungsten, Centennial
Discovered/ Organized1872
Noted Commoditiesgold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, tungsten, phosphate (guano)

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