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The Avalanche mine is a reported Gold producing mine located in the heart of the Eureka Mining District.  The mine consists of multiple workings and the remains of a mill site.

There are at least three (3) separate workings on the property. The largest of which is a drift of approximately 275’ which intercepts a vein of telluride gold and silver with pyrites and iron. This working may have also been cut on a defined vein as there is evidence of a crusher and small milling site just outside the workings. There is a waste dump of at least 90,000 tons which assays at 1.023oz/T in gold and 3.74 oz/T in silver.

There is a reported shaft south of the largest drift, surveyors were unable to find the shaft but located a small mill site with some tailing containing some gold values. It is assumed that the shaft may have been plugged or was simply a small prospect near the mill site.

Finally, there is a mine on the opposite side of the gulch from the mill site. This mine is collapsed naturally and was originally an adit entrance. The remnants of a cabin near the portal indicate this mine was likely independent of the original Avalanche. There is heavy gauge track protruding from the mine indicating the use of large ore cars and heavy mucking activity. The waste dump indicates at least 200’ of drifting and workings. The dumps show some gold with quartz and pyrites. There is very little galena or silver. Iron is prevalent throughout the dump.

The main portal was surveyed in 2012 and gold values were noted, and the mine was gated with a solid metal gate comprised of old drill steels. The mine contains considerable amounts of visible native gold on quartz and in auriferous pyrites. Tellurides containing gold are common in the mine. Surveyors estimated drill values on gold bodies will return 3-4 oz/T AU.

The mine has excellent road access and the only impediment to logistics at the main portal is the trail from the mill site. This could be remedied by cutting a road from the portal to the mill. The mine is less than 5 miles from Silverton, Colorado, which offers most needed amenities.

The mine is approximately 1.25 miles south of the Gold King mine, which was infamously breached in 2014. The mines in the area are historically noted originally for silver content which was followed by diminished silver and increased gold values as the mines were developed.

The following can be determined from our on the ground survey of the site:

  • The main portal has developed substantial values in Telluride (gold/silver) ores. Visible Free gold occurs in the workings with quartz, pyrite, and Galena.
  • There was a solar/mining cabin on the site in 2012. It has since been removed.
  • The general trend of the veins seems to run SSE. There are faulting controls in the gulches.
  • Waste dump at the main portal could likely be processed at a good profit which would subsidize further development of the mines.
  • The southernmost adit has a high potential for development and could be opened up with a small bond or by hand at no cost.


Updated on January 14, 2020 at 12:06 pm

  • Acres: 20
  • BLM Claim ID: CMC290454
  • Waste Dump: 90K Tons
  • Tailings Pile: <10,000 tons
  • Access : Easy 2WD dirt road to claim. Hike is required to access the adits
  • Total Workings: 1000’ estimated total. Some workings mapped by surveyors
  • Nearest City: Silverton, Colorado 5 Miles
  • Commodities: Gold & Silver in Tellurides
  • Resources: Water from inside mine. Timber
  • Feature 1: Mine Building Remnants
  • Mining District: Eureka


  • City: Silverton
  • State/county: San Juan, Colorado
  • Country: United States

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