Price: $15,000

Carpenter Creek Mineral Property

A Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:MMC237005

20 Acre Placer Claim — Ophir District — Powell County, Montana

Mining Claim Introduction

The Carpenter Creek claim is a placer gold property located on the lower Carpenter Bar (terrace) in Carpenter Gulch. The mine is a noted producer of gold in native form. An established placer camp complete with cabin, workshops and an outhouse are present on the property. Carpenter Bar was noted as one of the richest producers in the Ophir District. Nuggets from the bar have ranged from a fraction of an ounce to over 10lbs.

Mining Claim Quick Facts


Good 4WD access to the entire site.

Waste Dump Present/Size?

No dumps present

Tailings Present/Size?

Placer tailings are estimated to be 5K tons

Mine Cut/Structure

A series of cuts into Carpenter Bar for placer workings

Total Workings

Workings are stretched along Carpenter Gulch

Nearest City with Amenities

11.7 Miles to Avon, Montana


Plenty of room for many vehicles, trailers and or RVs with adequate clearance to access the road.


Water and Timber

Other Items of Note
Acres and Type of Claim
20 Acre Placer Claim
Purchase Price

Mining Claim Description

The claim is in the central region of the Carpenter Bar with the northern-most being the Ophir Mine and the southern-most being the Ophir Mine Placer. The claim is a full 20 acres running north-south along Carpenter Creek and the associated workings.

The value in the mine is its location, Carpenter Bar noted for having gravel beds up to 40 feet in depth.

Native gold is the only product of the bars and the district is home to the largest gold nugget found in Montana. A 16 lb monster that was pulled out in the early 1930s.

There are multiple small cuts into the gravel beds that have been allowed to wash with seasonal run off. Carpenter Creek runs year round and provides adequate volume for small mining operations.

A small track hoe is recommended to open up sections of the gravel bed and process with a small trommel and or shaker. There is ample room for the operation to expand using a full placer wash station to crush, trommel and sluice.

Access to the property is on good dirt roads that could be traversed with a high clearance 2WD vehicle.

The Cabin and workshop at the mine camp could be re-purposed and utilized with a properly filed Notice of Operation.

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