Description of Mining Claim

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Dover Mine is an andalusite, copper and gold producing property located in Mineral County, Nevada. The mine is well off the beaten path and rarely visited or surveyed. Originally located as a source of andalusite, the operators quickly noted the presence of Copper and Gold in some small quantities

As the mine was developed, miners located large veins of oxidized copper sulfide veins. These veins were largely vertical and were reported as columns, some up to 15’ in width and an undetermined depth. Miners explored to the 200’ level with no ending in site. The copper contained small bits of free gold, when crushed and floated, resulting in gold values of up to one (1) ounce per ton.

The Dover Mine is a sister mine to the Green Talc Mine which is located a short distance to the east. The two properties were once owned by the same company and developed simultaneously to exploit the veins and andalusite. As copper and gold were discovered, both the sites expanded to encompass all of the mapped veins and high-value ores. Much of the information about the deposits and the area is very similar to the Green Talc site.

Named the Dover for the original locator, the mine produced a total of 450 tons of Andalusite (may have been combined with the Green Talc) prior to 1920 which was used for high-temperature refining applications.

The Dover, unlike the Green Talc, contains more underground development, where the Green Talc was largely developed with pits and short prospects. Paramount importance is a timbered, double compartment shaft that is reported to be at least 50’ in depth as of 1936.

Current depth is estimated to be closer to 200’ as late 1939 reports state that from 40 to 200’ in depth, the miners found oxidized copper with pyrite and gold. Using flotation methods, the ore was able to produce roughly one ounce of gold per ton and 7 lbs. of copper. Ore reported being worth up to $30 per ton in gold and copper values.

Surveyors examined the site in 2017 and noted that all openings and portals were open and in good repair. Care should be taken in underground workings and shoring of existing timber work is recommended prior to any entry to the workings.

The shaft is reported to be a minimum of 200’ in depth with drift levels at 100’ and 165’ totaling an estimated 2000’ total feet of underground development.

Samples of auriferous pyrite were noted. Handpicked samples were taken from the dump and near the portal entrances for assay work. Values were consistent throughout, showing a small amount of gold in some samples, none over ½ oz. per ton.

There is much work to be completed to determine that actual values of the site and the potential for large scale gold mining viability. The site has an excellent rating from surveyors based on the samples taken.

The gold in this mine is found in small particulates, most notably in columns of ore near quartz and oxidized copper deposits. The copper is heavily oxidized but contains pyrites and some free gold. Gold will be processed from this mine by chemical separation. The gold is too small to be recovered by conventional methods.

There are no structures of note on the claim nor in the general vicinity with the exception of the timbered shaft.  There are no resources available on the claim or in the general area.

This claim should be considered for miners with some advanced knowledge of processing and separation. It is likely there will be a Notice of Operation required to profitably work the site. A high volume of material would likely need to be processed to show reasonable returns.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”271678,271677,271676,271675,271674,271673,271672,271657,271637,271639,271641,271642,271653,271652,271679,271650,271648,271646,271654,271671,271670,271669,271668,271667,271666,271665″ img_size=”full” autoplay=”yes” hide_pagination_control=”yes”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Mining Claim Quick Facts

  • Price: $20,100
  • Property Type: Lode Mineral Claim, Nevada
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Acres: 20
  • BLM Claim ID: NMC1141828
  • Waste Dump: 28K Tons
  • Tailings Pile: None
  • Access : High clearance 4WD
  • Total Workings: 2000' Est.
  • Nearest City: Hawthorne, NV 13 miles away
  • Commodities: Gold
  • Resources: None
  • Mining District: Fitting



  • City Hawthorne
  • State/county Mineral, Nevada

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