Price: $7,500

East Side (Black Gold) Mining Claim

A Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:AMC438326

20 Acre Lode Claim — Warren District — Cochise County, Arizona

Mining Claim Introduction

The East Side Mining Claim is located on the east side of the southern Mule Mountain Range, in the Warren Mining District in Cochise County, Arizona. The mine is thought to have been located prior to 1860 and one of the larger operations in Tombstone. There is an East Side #2 Mine in Tombstone proper which is a patented property. These two properties should not be confused.

The East Side is a series of adits and decline shafts with some open stoping where ore has been worked out. There is one shaft on the property which intersects with the adits and declines.

The East Side Mining Claim is a gold mine, unlike many of the properties in Tombstone and Bisbee which produced primarily Silver. The ores show quartz, iron staining and gold ores. The mine is in an remote area of Arizona, near the Mexico border and as such, there are dangers from illegal aliens and their handlers.

The mine, while ready for production, is not for the faint of heart. The terrain and temperatures are nothing short of treacherous and will kill an unprepared individual.

Mining Claim Quick Facts


Good 4WD access.

Waste Dump Present/Size?

Roughly 25K tons

Tailings Present/Size?


Mine Cut/Structure

Adits, declines, shafts and open stoping into hard rock .

Total Workings

Estimate 1500'

Nearest City with Amenities

Bisbee/Warren, AZ 6.5 miles


Limited due to inclines



Other Items of Note

Gold Producing Property

Acres and Type of Claim
20 Acre Lode Claim
Purchase Price

Mining Claim Description

The East Side Mine has very little history associated with it. It is documented to be owned by the East Side Gold Mining Company in 1907. There are no records of production from the mine.

The East Side Property was known as the Black Gold Mine from 2011 to 2016. It was sold under the moniker of Black Gold in 2011 for a reported $10,000.00. The owner held the property but does not appear to have done any work or improvement on the property. In 2017, Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. took possession of the property, and through research and documentation found the mine to be historically known as the “East Side” Mine. Not to be confused with the “East Side #2” which is located in the Tombstone District more than 30 miles to the northwest.

The mine is developed along a steep mountain slope with extensive workings. There is a wooden wind/weather break that was built into the main portal entrance. At this point there appears to have been some considerable development with drill holes and small stopes centered around iron stained quartz bodies, assumedly where the quartz had bulged with gold values. The main drift remains fully unexplored due to the presence of rattlesnakes roughly 30’ into the workings. This has been an issue on multiple occasions and it is assumed that the mine may serve as a winter den for the snakes. There are many mice in the area which may bring the snakes into the workings. The main drift continues as far as 1000 lumen lights can see. More than 100’ according to surveyor observations and reports.

Outside of the main drift and build out, there is a decline shaft which drops roughly 20’ to another drift which is 50’ total. There are a series of other adits around the claim, the largest is 50’ and all have small, hand stoping done, indicating high grading work. Near the portal of two interconnected adits is an open stope which connects the two portals. This stoping is the most extensive work in the mines and is centered around a wide quartz vein. Estimated volume is 1500 cubic feet.

The mining claim is remote, on the Eastern edge of the Mule mountains, located in a small gulch above an established wash route. The mine is somewhat difficult to locate which has prevented it being destroyed or backfilled like most mines in the area.

The mines are very close to the Mexico border and it appears that some of the lower adit workings have been used by illegal aliens. With the potential of illegals and handlers in the area, extreme caution is advised at all times by all visitors and workers at the property.

The mines are in good condition, cut into hard rock which is overall competent. There are some hanging walls which should be addressed, either by removing bad rock or by adding new shoring. There was no bad air or chemical variances noted utilizing quad gas meters. With caution, the mines could be surveyed and sampled in their current condition.

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