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The Elizabeth Mine is a historical gold and silver mine. The property is located in the lowlands of the Scratchgravel hills and in the heart of the Scratchgravel District. Noted as the only mine in the district with its own mill for processing gold. The mine operated quite profitably from 1900-1940 when the site was closed by the War Act.

There is a large dump of assumed shipping ore on the site, this section assays at .978 oz/T in gold with very little silver. There is some visible gold flaking in the quartz, especially with that with a bluish tint, assumed to be copper based.

A large dump from the main portal and secondary portal has been bulldozed around the general area and measurements were only taken on that which was still intact. On the entrance of the secondary portal, which was cut in 1933-1935, a large pit has been opened up and at least two good gold bearing veins have been exposed. This is likely the veins discussed in the geological reports from 1933 and 1983 which vary from 10 inches to over 3’ in width carrying quartz, gold, copper and iron.

An old mill is located on the northern end of the property and has some tailings of note. None of the processed tailings showed very favorably, but did confirm the presence of quartz and bluish, copper-based ores.

The roads to the site are in excellent condition and largely county maintained. They could be easily traversed with a 2wd vehicle or by heavy equipment which could haul the ores off the site for processing.

There are no other buildings or evidence of infrastructure on the surface of the claim. The land is largely flat with some inclined areas, but overall has been well developed for mining work. It is assumed, based on the current condition, that some work was done in the early 1980s gold rush to open the pit and work some of the ores, but very little appears to have been done and the site hasn’t had any serious development since the owners were forced off in 1940 by the War Act.

It is an ideal site to develop the surface ores and over a 10-year period would yield over $3,000,000.00 in profits after costs and bonds.


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  • Acres: 40
  • BLM Claim ID: MMC234581, MMC235607
  • Waste Dump: 41,000 Tons
  • Tailings Pile: 10,000 Tons
  • Access : Easy 2WD
  • Total Workings: Est. 1500'+
  • Nearest City: Helena Montana, 7 miles
  • Commodities: Gold, Silver, Lead
  • Resources: None
  • Feature 1: Mill Remains
  • Mining District: Scratchgravel Hills


  • City: Helena
  • State/county: Lewis and Clark, Montana
  • Country: United States


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