Four Peaks Mineral Property

Quartzite Town Park, Quartzsite, La Paz County, Arizona, United States of America
  • $16,500

Description of Mining Claim

The Four Peaks Mining Claim is a combination of two distinct Mining Operations. The Four Peaks proper is a large inclined shaft cut on a gold lode that is exposed on a short hill top. The remaining workings are in an adjacent group of hills where a series of short adits and prospects have opened up pockets of gold and copper with quartz crystals. The formations are volcanic and very “vuggy”.

There is appreciable gold that can be found with minimal prospecting on the property and in the workings. Surveyors returned a dime size gold nugget on a chunk of quartz, this was found by turning over some of the waste dump and searching for samples.

The Mines are very much gold mines and while there may be some gems and quartz crystals, the primary commodity is currently noted as gold and has been verified by on the ground surveys.
Gold can be extracted by casual use means with a rock hammer and a bucket. The adits and open workings are stable and show no areas of immediate concern. The primary shaft on the Four Peaks will need clearing and safety verification prior to accessing or working.

In dry weather the claims can be easily accessed with a high clearance 2WD vehicle. The area is usually quite dry. Monsoons and heavy wet seasons will make the roads much more challenging and 4WD at a minimum will be required.

The Four Peaks mining claims is a relatively well-known site, specifically for its location at the top of a butte in the northern edge of the Plomosa Mountains. The butte is visible for many miles and used as a navigation landmark for many of the retired persons who roam the desert in UTVs and 4WDs.

The Four Peaks Mine site is broken into two major sections, the Four Peaks primary shaft and workings, which are located near the top of the Four Peaks Mesa, and a series of small workings in the hills on the eastern slope of the Plomosa range, east of the Four Peaks Mesa.

The small workings east of the Four Peaks mesa may be the most interesting in the area, a number of small prospects and adits explore volcanic type rock, working into the vugs and digging into the mineralized, exposed section of rock.
Surveyors took multiple samples of native gold found within the workings of the mine and in the waste dumps. This indicating rich returns from the mine workings. There is also reported to be deposits of platinum and lead in the area, however, surveyors did not report any recovery or definition of deposits of this sort.

The largest working on the claims, the Four Peaks shaft is a declined shaft near the top of the Four Peaks Mesa. The head frame and associated mechanical workings have been pushed into the shaft. There is reported to be drift workings of over 2000’ according to a local miner who purported to have worked the property in 1950-1952.

From Jim “Pickens” Smith, Quartzsite, AZ.:

“We had a big ole head-frame on that shaft that we built by scavenging wood from some other mines in the area. Wood is worth almost as much as water out here and it’s about as common. We had three skip cars that we would ride down into the mine and then use them to haul muck in the morning and gold in the afternoon. It was about 175’ to the working drifts, the shaft is about 185’ total, there are some side drifts on the way down but they aren’t got nothin. The 175 has some pretty nice gold, there’s a big lode that we just broke the top of, we worked to the end of it, horizontally, then we started working down. Thing is the gold is free down there, so we would spend a lot of time breaking down the veins and bringing that up instead of just mucking the whole batch. It took longer but we made some nice moolah from that. Id guess there is about 2000’ on the 175. Not much stopin, but a few chasers when we found some particularly nice stuff. “

“That money got the best of us, my partner John sold his stake in the mines to a mining company out of Montana, never even told me, just didn’t show up to work one day. I ended up selling out my shares as well, not my best moment. These guys that bought it brought some guys from up north in. They were mucking everything and then processing it over at the mill here (in Quartzsite), thing is they didn’t get much return because they weren’t working the mine with the finesse she needed. They only lasted two seasons but kept the claims with paid assessments. Around 1980 someone got up on the head-frame and took the sheaves, probably for scrap. It was the next year that the headframe started breaking down, I think it was 85-86 that somebody pushed the rest of the headframe into the shaft, wasn’t a surprise, the compressor and winch got pushed down there in the 70’s. The head-frame plugged it up good, gonna need some ingenuity to get that stuff out. Probably be worth it though, we sure didn’t work it out and we were making $50 a day in gold, each! “

This information correlates well with surveyor reports and opinions of the site.

The claims are less than a mile from the Jasper Mines, just over the next rise. There is extensive mineralization throughout the region. Gold, Copper and Platinum will be the primary recovery values. The mine has not been worked since 1955-56? Similar to all of the other mines in the district, there is no production history. Production only being reported when one wanted to sell a property.

Mining Claim Quick Facts

  • Price: $16,500
  • Property Type: Arizona, Lode Mineral Claim
  • Property Status: Sale Pending
  • Acres: 40
  • BLM Claim ID: AMC442191, AMC442192
  • Waste Dump: There are a number of waste dumps around the claim. Total volume of combined dumps is estimated at 50k tons.
  • Tailings Pile: No tailings or mill site noted
  • Access : Good 4wd access.
  • Total Workings: Est. over 2500’ combined workings
  • Nearest City: Quartzite, Arizona
  • Commodities: Gold, Copper, Lead
  • Resources: None


  • City Quartzite
  • State/county La Paz, Arizona

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