Price: $99,000

Golden Turkey Gold Property

A Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:AMC440553, AMC447861, AMC447862

60 Acre Lode Claim — Black Canyon District District — Yavapai County, Arizona

Mining Claim Introduction

The Golden Turkey Property is a collection of 3 lode claims covering 60 contiguous acres, situated to cover the general trending of the Golden Turkey lode which is thought to run generally east and west, parallel to the Gold Belt lode. The Gold Belt lode is only a few hundred feet from the Golden Turkey and is contained on the claims as part of the Golden Turkey.

The Golden Turkey was located on or around 1925, it was prospected and held by H.C. Mitchell until 1932 when it was leased to Golden Turkey Mining Company. Golden Turkey Mining Company operated the mine and made substantial profits from 1933 to 1941 when the War Act forced the closure of the mine. The Golden Turkey never recovered its former providence after the War Act, and has languished in the hands of small miners and prospectors who do not have the capital to process the thousands of tons of reserves which are documented underground and on the surface.

In 1973, Nezona Mining created and in-depth report on the property, including assays, and estimated tonnage and returns. Based on his reporting, conservatively, at the Golden Turkey, there were one hundred thousand (100,000) tons of dump rock which returned an average of $20 per ton in gold (18%+/-). The tailings previously processed by the mill were assayed at $25 per ton in gold (23.5%). These figures calculated with a gold price of $106.00 per ounce.
In today’s figures, with gold assumed at $1290.00 per ounce, the dumps and tailings piles would be worth over ninety-nine million ($99,000,000) dollars. This figure does not account for any of the ores or minerals still left in place underground. According to geological documentation, the richest bodies of the veins have yet to have been tapped. From the 1973 report:

“There are excellent geologic structures on all of the claims where, thru core drilling, a large tonnage of are can be developed. All of the mine has been developed laterally, just under the surface rock, to the point where the veins turn down vertically. The vertical vein deposition is contacted on the west side by an intrusive diorite dike, and is the parent vein. At the present time, no one has drilled or shafted downward into these vertical veins. There can be developed, with sound operation, very large amounts of high grade ore from these vertically orientated veins.”

Mining Claim Quick Facts


This claim provides extremely easy access via 2WD to the claim borders, if you want to drive directly up onto the tailings and into the heart of the claim you will need an good 4WD. Shaft is closed, minor digging to reopen.

Waste Dump Present/Size?

Thousands of tons of separated tailings

Tailings Present/Size?
Mine Cut/Structure

Inclined shaft, capped.

Total Workings

Historical documents note 2,000 feet of workings on multiple levels

Nearest City with Amenities

Cordes Lakes


Wood and water at bottom of tailings pile

Other Items of Note

Multiple foundations and buildings on site

Acres and Type of Claim
60 Acre Lode Claim
Purchase Price

Mining Claim Description

The Golden Turkey property is located just off of the well maintained “Crown King Highway”. This is a graded dirt road. Roughly three miles from the main highway running from Prescott to Phoenix. The roads and paths around the claim have deteriorated significantly and will require some clearing to be passable. It is possible to drive within a few hundred feet of the mines with a 2WD vehicle. After research compiled from many sources and on-site survey work, Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. asserts that the Golden Turkey Mine is an excellent site for development and provides generous opportunity for small to mid-sized mining companies. There is solid documentation for the property dating from 1933 to 1996. There has been no work done on the property since 1961 according to records.
The value in the waste dumps and tailings along total more than ninety-nine million dollars ($99,000,000.00) with an estimated development and processing cost of not more than eight million dollars ($8,000,000.00)
The valuations above are noted on the material available above ground. All geological and mining reports state that the there is value in gold, silver and platinum in the dumps and tailings. These reports also state that the main body of gold ore has not yet been addressed underground.

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