Illinois Mineral Property

Fallon, Churchill County, Nevada, United States of America
  • $102,310

Description of Mining Claim

The Illinois Mineral Property is a large, remote and historical gold and silver producing property located in central Nevada. The Illinois covers one hundred and sixty (160) acres following the general trending of lodes and veins as indicated by exhaustive geological reports. The Illinois claims encompasses many other mines and vein off shoots. The Property has documented and established minimum reserves of over $102mm ($102,000,000.00) in gold and silver deposits. The primary mine camp is marked by a large headframe and ore bin at the primary shaft. The mine camp has been referred to in some publications as the ghost town of Marble.

There are many small mines also contained on the property in addition to the Illinois mine. The Sixty-Six Mine, The Smuggler Mine, The Wonder Girl Mine, The United Lodi Mine, The Sand Mound Shaft(mine) and the Marble Camp are all contained within the boundaries of the Illinois Property. Only the Illinois has been assayed and measured for content. None of the ancillary mines have been measured or assayed for content or reserves.

The Illinois has a richly detailed history. The mine has produced over $1,000,000 in ores before 1900, with gold prices at $20.00 and silver at less than .50 cents per ounce.

Based on this information, the Illinois may be the largest commercial but undeveloped mine in the state of Nevada with impressive assay numbers that are consistent over a span of over 100 years. There are defined and blocked reserves as well as measured stope fills, known as “gob” which has also been measured and assayed. Finally, the smelter on the property has a large slag heap that shows good gold values and likely was targeted at the silver processing only.

The Illinois contains more than 4000’ of development work on at least 8 levels. The Sand Hill property is shaft and workings also cut to intercept the lower gold bearing veins of the Illinois; it is reported to be 175’ shaft with 2800’ of drifting. This drift is sometimes filled with water depending on the year and the level of the water table. Water is historically reported at the 900’ level of the property. When surveyed in 2017 and 2018, the water level was just below the 5th level.

The Smuggler Mine, five hundred feet west of the Illinois Mine, but contained on the Illinois property, returned assay values of 1.74 OPT Gold and 7.24 OPT AG.

The Illinois is located in a remoted area of Nevada, which is also known to be one of the most mineralized in Nevada. The mine can be reached on good county and public roads for the most part. There is a washout just off the county road that will require high clearance 4-wheel drive to navigate. This section could be repaired with a few days’ work.

In addition to the Illinois Mine, there are extensive workings from five hundred (500) to two thousand (2000) feet on the property which have shown good gold and silver values. These are not interconnected with the Illinois Mine workings but have been absorbed as part of the Illinois Group.

The Illinois Property has suffered a long list of issues since its discovery and inception in 1875. Despite these issues, the mine produced over $1,000,000.00 in gold and silver. Over $500,000.00 in profits between 1875 and 1914 when the mine was closed. (See history section).

The greatest indication of the valuation of the mine comes from  reports from 1914, 1922 and 1948, in which the various mining engineers report that the mine was shut down in 1914 due to water problems at or around the 860’ level of the workings. Water was being removed by hand raised buckets at the time. Prior to the water issues, gold and silver values were being reported at extremely high numbers, over one ounce per ton of gold and up to 100 ounces of silver per ton.

Mining Claim Quick Facts

  • Price: $102,310
  • Property Type: Lode Mineral Claim, Nevada
  • Property Status: Sale Pending
  • Acres: 160
  • BLM Claim ID: NMC1441643, NMC1141644, NMC1141645, NMC1141646, NMC1141647, NMC1141648, NMC1141649, NMC1141650
  • Waste Dump: 50,000 tons est. at camp
  • Tailings Pile: 21,000 tons slag from smelter
  • Access : Fair access via high clearance 4WD. Short wheelbase suggested in current condition
  • Total Workings: 6000+ linear workings. Main shaft is 1000'
  • Nearest City: Fallon, Nevada
  • Commodities: Gold, Silver, Lead
  • Resources: Water at 900' level
  • Feature 1: Mine Camp
  • Feature 2: Headframe
  • Feature 3: Mill/Smelter Remains
  • Mining District: Lodi


  • City Fallon
  • State/county Nye, Nevada

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