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This Jasper mining claimconsists of multiple mine openings centered around a large, defined deposit of gold with platinum and hematite. The historic name of this mine is the Bouse Jasper Hematite. The Surveyors reported substantial jasper and hematite samples on the surface. The mines were originally worked for gold and showed high potential for platinum.

Largest returns will be on the deposits of gold and platinum. High value for the site proximity to Quartzsite, infamous for rock shows, where samples of Jasper and Jasper with gold and platinum will sell quickly. Waste dumps contain thousands of tons of high quality samples of jasper and hematite. The main shaft is reported to be at least 150’ in depth and has not been surveyed or mapped. In addition, there are a series of short drifts that work into a large stoped area of the mountain. The stopes have not been sampled or addressed as the portals require some clearing for safe access.

Access to the mines is direct and relatively easy. It does require 4wd and a good bit of clearance for some wash crossings and gulches on the roads. There are no resources and the Jasper claim is located in a markedly harsh area of the Arizona desert.

The Jasper is a forgotten Gold and Platinum mine located in the northern Plomosa Range. The area is noted for substantial gold deposits of .5 to 16 oz/T AU in various mines. The Jasper is a large mine site with an anthill-ed shaft estimated to be 150-200′ deep with at least one drift level. The drift level does not intersect with any of the current workings underground and is completely undefined. The shaft was extensive and large. It would have been a gold/platinum operation. Based on waste dump, there are an assumed 1000-1500′ of workings underground. The composition of veins and lodes is unknown.

Only minimal amounts of gold were located during the 1900’s. while searching for the gold deposits, the jasper and hematite were piled up as waste rock. In the early 1960’s rock collectors began to notice the beauty of the jasper and hematite. This started a bit of a rush on samples of contrasting rock.

Jasper and Hematite pieces are found today in high-end collections and used as jewelry. The claim has Jasper and Hematite samples in abundance, in addition, some of the samples are shot with blue streaks of azurite and possible turquoise. Some samples can be found with galena silver streaks and azurite as well as the deep red from the jasper and the black of the hematite.


Updated on November 29, 2019 at 1:52 pm

  • Acres: 20
  • BLM Claim ID: AMC442194
  • Waste Dump: Scattered throughout site. Est. 30K tons
  • Tailings Pile: There are some tailings from a rudimentary mill that operated on the southern end of the claim
  • Access : Good 4WD Access
  • Total Workings: Est. 1500' combined workings
  • Nearest City: Bouse, AZ 9 miles
  • Commodities: Gold, Jasper, Platinum
  • Resources: None



  • City: Quartzite
  • State/county: La Paz, Arizona
  • Country: United States

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