Price: $60,000

Joker Lode & Placer Mining Claim

A Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Mining Claim Property

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:CMC290448 & CMC290449

40 Acre Lode and Placer Claim — Fourmile District — Moffat County, Colorado

Mining Claim Introduction

The Joker mines are long-established gold mines that have produced thousands of ounces of gold. The mines closed down in the 1940's and never returned to their former production and glory. This is an amazing collection of lode and
placer claims that cover the entire workings of the Joker Mines.

4WD is required to access the property as there are swaths of private property and the roads to the mine are very old and overgrown. There is easier access that can be negotiated with private land owners. The mine and camp buildings are not visible from the road and you need to know where you are going to get to these workings.

The claims contain 4 historical buildings that are remnants of the original mine workings. These were re-purposed in the early 1980's when Marathon Mining built the Pilot Plant and they have been left mostly untouched since that time. There
are substantial workings available for hydraulic mining, dredging or hand processing. With the significant amount of water availability, the sky is the limit. The adits can be reopened and the site has historically been permitted for hydraulic and dredging activity as well as milling activities.

There is documented proof of gold reserves and production as well as notable gem quality garnet.

At the height of the early 80's Gold Rush, when gold shot up to $800 per ounce, Marathon Mining dedicated hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a mill and processing facility to work the Joker Site. Their work, samples and information are all still available. Today, gold is over $1000 per ounce, making this claim a no brainer for anyone who is ready to start working it.

Mining Claim Quick Facts


4WD Required-old roads

Waste Dump Present/Size?

Size Unknown

Tailings Present/Size?


Mine Cut/Structure

Adits (reclaimed) and Levee pond

Total Workings


Nearest City with Amenities

Craig Colorado 25 miles


Large flat areas around the pond. Room for any machines and 30 plus vehicles


Shade, Wood, Water (Clean Runoff), Brush, Buildings

Other Items of Note

Workshop, Shed and Two Houses on Claims

Acres and Type of Claim
40 Acre Lode and Placer Claim
Purchase Price

Mining Claim Description

The Joker mine tunnels have been reclaimed. A survey of the site in 1998 showed 11 adits cut into the hard rock around the claim. These adits reportedly ranged from 60' to 400'. Core sampling from the drifts reported 0.6 to 4.1 ounces of gold per ton. In 2014 the old gold mill was dismantled and the drifts were covered. They still exist without doubt, but would all need to be excavated

The site has also been worked hydraulically, which while not a traditional "Mine", also produced high gold values as documented by the original claim locators and the more recent gold mining company who started the operations at the site in 1984.

A massive holding pond has been built to provide water for washing and hydraulic mining. The pond ranges from 30' to 270' according to 1984 documentation. There is a logical assumption that substantial gold has settled in this pond since its creating in 1903. The sands and material below the pond show heavy black sands and also have been reported to return an average of $3.37 per yard and 1.0 ounce per ton in gold.

There is substantial potential and documented gold on this claim. Very highly recommended for the novice miner and also a lot of potential here for the seasoned professional.

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