Kentucky Mineral Property

Kingman, Mohave County, Arizona, United States of America
  • $5,018

Description of Mining Claim

The Kentucky Mine is a small mine and mill working located in the southern end of the Chloride Mining area. The workings are largely unknown and consist of an adit access that is gated but largely covered by slough. Some work would be required to dig the portal out, but the gating has kept the majority of the slough out of the workings. There is some cool air coming from the adit, indicating there are workings of some size.

There are remnants of a gravity mill, likely 4-5 level, on the property. This mill serviced the Altata, Cinco De Mayo and the Emerson Mine prior to 1961. This mill is important for a variety of reasons, but the largest being the value in the tailings and the unprocessed ores. A large staging of roughly 5000 tons of material sits above the mill waiting to be run. This ore contains copper, gold and silver in appreciable quantities.

The tailings are rough run and are estimated to still contain 40% or more of the original metals content.

The site is one of very few available mining claims in the region. The area is quite active and there are at least 2 active mines in Chloride as well as Mineral Point to the south.

The ores will require shipping and processing, or a mill could be built and put into production on the property. The previous existence of a mill on the site making the permitting process much simpler.

With the unknown factor of the adit and underground workings, the valuation is only based on the surface values. Development underground could be very lucrative and with a mill in process on the surface it would be very simple to process the ores immediately.

Mining Claim Quick Facts

  • Price: $5,018
  • Property Type: Arizona, Lode Mineral Claim
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Acres: 20
  • BLM Claim ID: AMC455011
  • Waste Dump: 5850
  • Access : Easy High Clearance 4WD
  • Total Workings: Unknown
  • Nearest City: Kingman, Arizona
  • Commodities: Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead
  • Resources: None
  • Feature 1: Mill Foundation Remains
  • Mining District: Wallapai (Chloride)
  • City Kingman
  • State/county Mohave, Arizona

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