Orizaba Mineral Property

Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, United States of America
  • $249,500

Description of Mining Claim

The Orizaba is a documented producing gold and silver mine located just north of the town of Tonopah in Nye County, Nevada. The Mine is located in the Republic District, sometimes known as the Cloverdale District or the Orizaba District. The Mines are located on the eastern slope of the Royston Hills, an area that has a very short and spotty history. Gold and Silver are the primary commodities of the mines. Silver in abundant quantities.

The mine and camp have been referred to as the town of Republic, but it is the assertion of Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. that this is incorrect. The mine is the largest and most developed site in the general region for gold and silver extraction. There is a good, well-documented history of the mine and the reported output, of which, much is likely unreported as to avoid taxation.

There are a number of workings that are contained on the claims and lumped into the Orizaba name. There are some workings west of the Orizaba shaft that have been known as the Cloverdale Ranch Mines, other prospects in the area are lumped in with the Orizaba. The mine was optioned and drilled in 1985-86 by INCO but there are no reports available of the findings.

The mine is located in a relatively dry region that will rarely see snow or heavy rains. The mine is in a remote area and any services required will need to come from Tonopah which is 39 miles to the south.

The Mine has consistently reported values of 50 oz/T AG and .5 oz/T AU. Blocked reserves were reported at the 83’ level in sulphide ores.

Mining Claim Quick Facts

  • Price: $249,500
  • Property Type: Lode Mineral Claim, Nevada
  • Property Status: For Sale, Updated Listing!
  • Acres: 80
  • BLM Claim ID: NMC1121044, NMC1121045, NMC1145576, NMC1145577
  • Waste Dump: 600K tons
  • Tailings Pile: None
  • Access : Good 4WD Access. Minimal clearance needed.
  • Total Workings: 2500-3500' est.
  • Nearest City: Tonopah, Nevada
  • Commodities: Gold, Silver
  • Resources: Water and old mine camp
  • Feature 1: Hoist house
  • Mining District: Republic


  • City Tonopah
  • State/county Nye, Nevada

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