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Antoro Mineral Property

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Antoro Mineral Property


Bonanza Mining District

Saguache County, CO

Near Salida, CO

Property Overview

The Antoro Property is a 120-acre lode mining property located near the center of the Bonanza District, just north of the Rawley Mine. The property was located and developed prior to 1882. The mine is largely a silver deposit and reportedly largely Cerargyrite, also known as Horn Silver.

The mine has been worked and held by various companies over the years, the last of which was ASCARO who relinquished the mine in 1999.

The property ranges in altitude from 11,000’ to 11,700’ with various portal sites and workings contained on six lode mining claims for a total of 120 acres. The portals are all largely collapsed due to heavy snow and inclement weather. A gated culvert covers the remains of the main adit level of the Antoro at approximately 11,275. The mine contains at least three defined levels and 4200’ of workings. The condition of these workings is unknown as they have not been examined or seen in at least 39 years (1981).

There are two main defined veins in the Antoro Mine, the Antoro Vein and the Poverty Vein.

The Antoro Vein is largely quartz and carries values on average of 5.5 oz. p/T AG. It is a sulphide ore that contains pyrite, sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite, and tennantite. Copper and gold content are relatively low, historically stated as .02 oz/T AU. The Poverty vein is the other notable vein in the mine and on the property. The Poverty vein reported high-grade silver/lead ore. Values from the 114 level assayed 3-7 oz. of silver.

The mines suffered from the collapse of silver prices in 1892-1897 and extreme elevations and short work seasons. The mine is said to have operated for less than 3 years before it was closed to await the rise in silver prices.


County, , Mining District,





Gold, Silver


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


4,200 feet

231,562 tons




High Clearance 2WD

Buildings, Millsite, Roads, Historic Features

Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

16,059 oz

4,468,161 oz





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