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Astrologer Mineral Property

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Astrologer Mineral Property


Burro Mountains Mining District

Grant County, NM

Near Silver City, NM

Property Overview

The Astrologer is remarkably remote despite its close proximity to the town of Silver City. It is a well documented producer of gold and silver. Estimated last workings at the mine were in 1950-1960. Common for the southwestern states of Arizona and New Mexico is the abandonment of rich deposits purely for a lack of infrastructure and logistical support. Native gold was observed and noted in the waste dumps by onsite surveyors in 2016.
The mine is not a forgotten or overlooked commodity. It has been noted and addressed in various publications and is only overshadowed by the massive Tyrone Mine in close proximity. Many small miners have utilized some of the mines in the area as veritable “piggy-banks”, intermittently extracting high grade ores and selling small quantities as either bullion or for samples.
The Astrologer Mine was acquired by Gold & Silver Minerals, LLC (HBID-NYSE) in 2006. Gold & Silver Minerals, LLC stated that the reserves at the Astrologer Mine were worth at least $60,000,000 (sixty Million dollars) in gold and silver values. At that time, Gold was priced at $635 per ounce and Silver at $9.43 per ounce. The ratio of gold to silver was not disclosed, but regardless, the valuation would be more than the stated $60 million conservatively estimated at $120 million today. Unfortunately, the 43-101 reports that were made from the property have been lost to time and history. However, there is documented evidence of their valuations available from Market articles and press releases on the internet.


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Gold, Silver


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


2,500 feet

120,000 tons




Good 4WD

Pump with Solar

Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

74,385 oz

1,105,030 oz





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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc Astrologer Mineral Property Map

Offered at $156,052.12

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