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Cabell Mineral Property

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Cabell Mineral Property


Granite Mining District

Grant County, OR

Near Baker City, OR

Property Overview

The Cabell City Gold Mines are located in Grant County Oregon, in the north east region of the Granite District. They consist of three (3) contiguous lode mining claims, staked, and mapped to provide maximum coverage of the relevant gold deposits in the area.

The Cabell City Mines are strictly a gold producing property and have no record of other metals production.

The mines on the Cabell City are larger than they appear upon initial observation. The eastern-most claim contains a large shaft with a dump that measures 60’ x 60’ and 25’-30’ in depth. The material at this shaft is largely iron and quartz with some light stringer type gold visible in some of the dumps. The gold composition is consistent with those of other mines in the immediate vicinity, indicating there is likely some link between the veins of the various properties.

The centermost property contains the largest of the workings, a large cut and possible shaft that is positioned behind a small crusher mill. There is also a house next to the mill that acted as living quarters for the miners and also indicates that the mines were operated by families with wives and children as opposed to just boarding houses with men only. This is also indicative that the mines were producing enough revenue to support that family and make a living on.

This center property also has what may have been a large shaft, now collapsed, up in the dense forest behind the house and mill. There is a vague, small foot path from this dump to the mill, indicating that at least some ore from the mine came to the mill for work.

Lastly, on the western property there is a large gravity mill, examination by surveyors estimate a 75-100 ton per day, crush, shake and separation process. There is also a homestead near the mill and a barn or shed for machinery. The shaft referred to above, was likely what was feeding this mill as there is a long overgrown two track wagon road that leads from the shaft to the mill.

The old mines contain nearly identical dump material, heavy with iron and quartz, the quartz is white and contains bits of auriferous pyrite and free gold.

Below the property is a family cemetery that holds the family that established this mine and the La Bellevue Mine farther up the canyon.

There is easy access via full-size 4WD vehicle. There is staging at the lower mines or just off the claims. There is a creek that runs down the gulch, next to all the mines and also shows some potential for placer workings.

The area is covered in thick forest and well overgrown. This would provide adequate timber, along with water for a small mining operation to be established.

There is limited history on the site that is also mixed with that of the higher up, La Bellevue Mine which was operated by the same family as well as can be ascertained.

The property is ideal for a small mining operation that worked on the exposed deposits and rehabilitation of the existing workings. The mills, houses and buildings may be considered historical and will not provide any benefit to the property in their current condition.

The mines have operated consistently from 1880 until 1984-1985, with sufficient production to support 4-5 families at any given time. The 1976 Federal Lands Management Policy made it extremely difficult for people to reside on their mines while working. The gold pricing crash of 1983 was the final nail in the coffin for the city and the last residents were gone by 1985. There are a good number of people who recall residing at the mine while others were working up to that time.





Gold, Silver, Lead


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Surface Dump







Drive Up High Clearance 4WD

Cabins, Workshop, Mill

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Offered at $42,847.00

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