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Carl Riek Mineral Property


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Carl Riek Mineral Property


Rock Hill Mining District

Esmeralda County, NV

Near Tonopah, NV

Property Overview

The Carl Riek Mine is the culmination of the life work carried out by Mr. Carl Riek of Coaldale, Nevada. Mr. Riek is a notable seller of very fine turquoise and he located many deposits in the state of Nevada.

The mine is a series of adits, shafts and drift workings that open up various veins of copper and gold deposits. The veins of turquoise with gold are small, usually less than 2 inches but run for hundreds of feet with some pockets of material as large as 10 inches.

The adit workings are extremely narrow, less than two feet in width in some sections, but open into stope workings where the turquoise has been mined. These narrow drift workings are thought to be the original workings that Mr. Riek located in the early 1900s. There are many visible veins of turquoise still in the workings which indicates the original deposits were much larger to disregard the smaller veins.

Shafts and some prospects are found around the claim. These are later (post-1900) workings and most have square set timbers in the shafts. The prospects are from 10 to 20 feet in depth and some appear to have good development potential.

There is excellent access to the primary mine camp and workings, however there is a hike required to access the other workings and drifts that are across the claim. A good high clearance 2WD vehicle will get most to the site without issue.

Surveyors recovered many specimens from the claim. Some samples contained native gold in narrow veinlets. There was very little turquoise, or copper found in the waste dumps, but turquoise was seen in the mine workings.

The site is extremely remote and often overshadowed by the monstrous Candelaria mine camp and workings west of the Carl Riek Mine. With that in mind, there are three mining companies who have held claims in the general area since 1973 working on development of gold mines.


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Gold, Turquoise


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


4,000 feet

100,000 tons




Good 4WD


Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves







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