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Elkhorn Mineral Property

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Elkhorn Mineral Property


Elkhorn Mining District

Beaverhead County, MT

Near Dillon, MT

Property Overview

The Elkhorn Mineral property consists of one hundred and eighty acres of lode mining claims and a 5 acre mill site. The claims encompass all of the historical workings of the Elkhorn Mine and also the Park Mine which is noted as being interconnected and also located on the Idahna lode.

The general geology and layout of the Elkhorn property follows the mapped Idahna and Park lode ore bodies and encompasses the apexes of same as understood by current geological descriptions.

The Elkhorn is possibly the largest, and most important mine in North America and contains millions in documented, blocked reserves of gold, silver and copper. There is also molybdenum and platinum that have been noted. The current blocked reserves represent only a small portion of the inferred reserves which are calculated to be worth billions of dollars in silver and gold. The production of copper and molybdenum is not calculated but will also bring substantial income.

The Elkhorn and Park Mines are hereforth referred to solely as the Elkhorn Mines. The Park Mine is differentiated because of its notability as a high value gold mine. Average assay of material at the Park mine is 3.59oz T/AU. From a USFS Case study Circa 2016 Reported:

Ore samples taken by the U.S. Bureau of Mines (1995) ran 3.8 ounces per ton gold, 0.67-percent copper, 2.7-percent lead, and 3.9-percent zinc. Another ran 0.07 ounces per ton silver, 4.7 ounces per ton gold, 0.17-percent copper, 0.59- percent lead, and 0.60-percent zinc. A third sample ran 1.05 ounces per ton gold, a fourth ran 5.8 ounces per ton gold, and a fifth ran 2.6 ounces per ton gold—all with minor copper, lead, and zinc. Workings at the site consist of two adits, three shafts, and several small prospects.

Blocked Reserves in the Elkhorn Mine are defined by a culmination of the measurements done by Coin Canyon Mining in 1969, Boldex in 1974, Don L. Jenkins in 1980 and Boston/Montana prior to 1950. The sizing of the blocked reserves is noted as 459,600 tons with a valuation of .15 oz/T AU and 6 oz/T AG.

Value of the reserves at the Elkhorn site estimated as being $749,718,810.00 (seven hundred forty-nine million, seven hundred eighteen thousand, eight hundred and ten dollars) as measured, blocked and assayed. The estimated cost to begin production is $3,500,000.00 (three million five hundred thousand dollars).

There are blocked reserves in the Elkhorn Mine noted as 459,600 tons. These are measured, drilled and blocked. There is at least 4x this amount in inferred reserves.


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Gold, Silver, Copper, Molybdenum, Lead


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


25,000 feet

350,000 tons

12,000 tons



High Clearance 4WD

2 Mine Camps and Old Town of Coolidge

Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

433,862 oz

6,602,254 oz





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Offered at $9,138,287.90

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