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Highland King Mineral Property

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Highland King Mineral Property


Highland Mining District

Lincoln County, NV

Near Pioche, NV

Property Overview

The Highland King is one of many small scale mines in the Highland District outside of Pioche. The mines are known for producing small amounts of gold and large amounts of silver ore. The Highland King is one of very few that are open and accessible. There are no real surface dumps or tails, the majority of the ores and paying material is underground. The drift workings are solid, stable and cut in competent rock. We do not recommend anyone access the subsurface workings without a clear understanding of the dangers involved in subsurface development.

There is no defined history with the site that could be found. In 1910, the property was claimed as the Highland King, likely based off a mine just across the valley that was known as the Highland Queen. The workings are less than 1000' but there are thought to be other access points as there are four (4) entrances and only 1 that is currently accessible. It does not meet with any of the other drifts.

Surveyors assays from chip samples in the mine showed silver content from 4 oz./T to 16 oz./T. Gold values were 0.3 oz./T on average from 24 chip samples.

This should be viewed as a starter, or small miner site. It can be worked year round with little difficulty. The minerals are simple to identify and it would be very easy to load up a truck with ore and drive it out.

The mine is priced according to its lack of development and solid, defined assets. Please contact with questions.


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Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


1,000 feet

18,000 tons





Tipples, Track, Loading station

Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves







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Offered at $18,994.00

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