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Montreal Star Mineral Property

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Montreal Star Mineral Property


Basin/Boulder Mining District

Jefferson County, MT

Near Butte, MT

Property Overview

The Montreal Star property is located in the Basin/Boulder District of Jefferson County, Montana. The property is primarily a gold producer. The claim consists of a single, twenty (20) acre lode claim that encompasses the entirety of the trending vein as documented by the USGS.

The property is valuable for its deposits of Gold, Silver, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and Tellurium. The presence of Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and Tellurium is extremely rare. The addition of Gold and Silver to this deposit only serve to further increase the value.

The property has a somewhat detailed history regarding the location and development of the site including work that was done up into the mid-1980s. The site was “reclaimed” by the Montana Abandoned Mines division in 1993-1994. This included capping the main shaft and blasting the old adit. All of which can be quickly mediated by a day with a backhoe and proper permitting.

The mine is primarily a gold producing property with some Silver, Copper, and Zinc. It has been targeted for Silver in the past but best returns have been from Gold. The mine also has significant Copper deposits which is not surprising giving the geological locality to the Anaconda and Butte Copper deposits.

The Montreal Star veins have been roughly defined as running generally east/west with offshoots. The claim covers all of the general vein trends as well as the apex of the vein as it has been defined. There are no other mines or outcrops discovered within this section that would connect with this vein.

The property is well situated for development due to the geological location and information that has been collected. It is in an infancy stage and has never been commercially developed. The previous miners at the site were operating on a small scale with a max of three miners working at any given time. Given that the mine was profitable for the operators as can be determined from shipping records.

There are no milling or milling facilities on site. The ore has been shipped to Butte and Anaconda for processing. Butte is less than 10 miles “as the crow flies” and there are established roads that connect to the highways for shipping.

Suggested development at the site would include permitting for re-opening the main adit and the main shaft. Reclamation records are spotty, but this effort should not be very expensive or take long. Once the portals are open, the subsurface veins and deposits can be verified, and some high-grade mining can be done along the veins.

The mine will require further development, which would be aided by a drilling program that would define the depth and quality of the veins and deposits that have not yet been mapped. Once defined, the subsurface workings could be shored and expanded to access those deposits and extract them.

The Montreal Star property is, in its current state, a small mining property that would be suitable and profitable for a small mining group or team that is experienced in development. Processing would be the largest hurdle but could be executed at any number of small custom mills in the Montana area.

A mining company that could expand upon the existing deposits and map the existing veins and lodes would likely be very successful given the geology of the region. This would require a more substantial investment but could develop the property into a major deposit.


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Gold, Silver, Copper


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


1,731 feet

34,783 tons




Easy high clearance 4WD


Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

13,800 oz

175,441 oz

1,503,282 lbs




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Offered at $31,506.44

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