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Moon Anchor Mineral Property

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Moon Anchor Mineral Property


Vulture Mining District

Maricopa County, AZ

Near Tonopah , AZ

Property Overview

The Moon Anchor property is a 20 acre site that has a good history of development from the late 1890s into 1986. The property is primarily a high grade lead and silver deposit, with the emphasis on Lead. The deposits are wide lodes that surface in several areas on the claim. The silver content averages 5 ounces to the ton, but is dwarfed by the lead content which ranges from 14% to 23% per ton.

The site is small by design in that the primary high grade ore has been blocked and well defined and is fully contained within the existing boundaries.

The site is located in the Vulture District, famous for the Vulture Gold Mine. The mine has been called the East Vulture in the past, but the most recent historical naming is the Moon Anchor.

There are a series of drill holes (core samples) which were run in 1982-1983. With this information, Sierra Amarillo Mining Company blocked out 6.9 million tons of lead, silver and gold ore occurring in andesite. President of the Sierra Amarillo Mining Company stated in 1983: "an area of 500' x 700' has been mapped to a depth of 200' at a sizing of 6,877,578 tons containing 5% lead (100lbs) per ton and 3 ounces of silver per ton. " At the time, lead was $0.14 per pound and silver was $9.35 per ounce.

The property was permitted for a milling operation in 1985. Due to mismanagement that is not detailed, the company was nearing bankruptcy in 1986 and was absorbed by ASCARO out of El Paso. There was no further work completed and the property has been stagnant since.

The prices of silver and lead are significantly higher in 2022 and return value on the blocked reserves is almost $950M. Recovery and processing costs would need to be subtracted from this number for an accurate assessment of value.

The property is just outside of Tonopah, AZ. and has excellent 4WD road access.

Development of the site will rely on consistent and reliable processing, volume and logistics in getting the ores to the processor.

This is an ideal property for a small miners as the ores could be shipped off site to a processor with minimal permitting requirements.


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Gold, Silver, Lead

Lode, Mill

Underground Dev

Surface Dump


1,000 feet

18,000 tons





Multiple Drill Holes

Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves







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Offered at $27,284.77

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