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Saul Mineral Property

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Saul Mineral Property


Basin-Cataract Mining District

Jefferson County, MT

Near Boulder, MT

Property Overview

The Saul Mineral property is a 20-acre lode mining claim in the Basin-Cataract District. The property is significant and notable for its native gold content and a substantial area of creek which shows flake gold for recovery.

The mine is in the heart of a region known as Galena Park. The area is known for many small gold mines with silver valuations. Gold and sphalerite with auriferous pyrite are the common host material.

The property has a good road but will require 4-wheel drive. There are remnants of two adits on the property that show very rich ore. Surveyors took several samples with visible gold for assay. The gold is found in a bluish quartz that carries some silver. Copper and lead were negligible. There are several dumps of high-grade material that were never shipped, estimate 25 tons total.

A small creek runs through the property on the west side, the creek diverts through the old adit workings and is seeping from the lower adit. The creek shows high probability for recovery of placer gold. There are extensive black sands in the creek and there is “float” or flake gold that is visible to the naked eye. There is an area of the creek on the claim that has been worked for placer, a cut on the east bank shows evidence of highbanking.

Southeast of the old mine portal, there is an excellent example of a miners cabin. The cabin still has walls and doors intact. Some windows are intact, there is a hole in the roof where the stovepipe was. The stove being removed at some point in the recent past. The cabin appears to have been rehabilitated at some time in the past 50 years as the doors, windows and some other implements are circa 1950-1960, but the axe and cut work on the cabin walls and corners is very tight and requires very minimal chinking. This dates the cabin to late 1800s, no later than 1910. The importance of the cabin is to determine the value of the deposit. The cost of construction of roads, cabins, outhouse, etc... indicates there was a reasonable return on the property for a small number of miners.

Logistics costs around turn of the century would make all but the highest-grade material infeasible to ship out, which again is an indicator of the value of deposit.

The property is well off the beaten path and not on any well-traveled routes. One should expect very little to no pass-by traffic.

The property will return high-grade gold samples which can be crushed or sold as specimens. Development of the property would include re-opening the old portals, stabilizing and defining the highest-grade veins for removal.


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Gold, Silver


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


1,000 feet

5,298 tons




High Clearance 4WD


Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

620 oz

525 oz





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Offered at $36,557.40

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