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Sylvania Mineral Property

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Sylvania Mineral Property


Sylvania Mining District

Esmeralda County, NV

Near Tonopah, NV

Property Overview

The Sylvania Mineral property, also known as the “Old Sylvania” is an expansive and well documented mineral property that has produced silver, gold, and lead. The mine has been worked since well before 1860s when Spanish Miners were developing the site. Nevada became an official state in 1864, at which time lead and silver miners removed the Spanish miners. Prospectors began working the site by highgrading the silver, and discarding much of the lower quality ores . The mine was purchased by the Clair Family in 1904 who began earnest development of the gold and silver deposits on the property.

The property consists of four (4) lode claims, a total of eighty (80) acres of which encompass all of the workings pertinent to the mining activity. The claims encompass at least 6 shafts and 4 adits that are documented. There is also a small well (still flowing) cut in the main mine camp, all are part of the overall property. This property does not include the “4 Aces” property which is located to the Northwest and sometimes confused with the Sylvania. The primary difference being the “4 Aces” property is that it was explored and developed for tungsten and silver, through a DMEA grant. The work was terminated because there was no real value to the 4 Aces as noted in many reports . Both properties were owned by the Clair family. There were never any loans or outside interest in the Sylvania as the mine was producing gold and silver in appreciable quantities while in operation.

The mines were last working in full operation 1974-76 according to historical documentation. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology reported the mine was worked for tungsten in 1982 despite a lack of any scheelite. This matches closely with surveyor’s observations that dated last workings to the early 1980’s.

The adit portals were gated, and the primary (No. 1 or Stateline) shaft was secured in 2008. There has been no sampling or other work executed on the claims since 1982 when the last operation closed up.

The primary output is reported as silver and lead with minimal gold according to documentation. Our surveyors disputed this reporting based on presence of a massive gold shaker and a trommel on the property. Trommels and shakers are not used for silver or lead separation, only for gold. Further, Tungsten rarely forms without scheelite, there is no scheelite noted at the property. Finally, exploration for tungsten does not raise the eyebrows the way gold mining does. the spike in gold prices in 1980-1982 was likely the reason for the recent operation.

There was a large and comfortable operation which consisted of a series of houses, workshops, and various other buildings on and around the property. The trucks and machinery that were purchased in support of the mining operation were the latest technology for the time of use.

A small spring has been tapped with a well house and pump and provided water to the camp and the mine operations. It is still in place and usable as is today.

Surveyors were able to access the 155 level of the workings but were not able to survey the main shaft. It has been plugged and reclaimed and will need to be excavated and stabilized prior to entry and survey. The 155 adit is cut into hard rock and shows no areas of concern. Pyrite and massive sphalerite and galena are present in the dumps. Dumps contained garnet with coarse grained molybdenite .

Inside the 155-foot mine, surveyors reported massive blocks of quartz in granite type material. This quartz is consistently shot with galena, and auriferous pyrite.

After WWII, the Sylvania operated for nearly 25 years and supported multiple families. It is well documented for its deposits and a substantial body of ore that runs at least one mile. The mine has not been worked commercially and while viable for a small mining operation, this site would thrive with the benefit of capital for development.


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Gold, Silver, Molybdenum, Lead


Underground Dev

Surface Dump


1,600 feet

278,460 tons




Good 2WD access


Gold Reserves

Silver Reserves

Copper Reserves

Platinum Reserves

Tungsten Reserves

Molybdenum Reserves

81,181 oz

869,377 oz





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Offered at $164,396.68

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