The Gold Rush Expeditions Difference

On Site Surveys

Each and every Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. mineral property has been examined, measured, mapped and inspected by our own in house team of Surveyors. What does that mean to you?

It means that we have expended the time and resources to put our surveyors on the ground at the claims. Our surveyors spend hours examining and capturing every detail of our properties. They look for outcrops, mineral deposits and evidence of the actual history of the mines.

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. mines and properties offer more because we show you what is above and below ground. Our properties are mapped out overhead using drones and specialized software to provide overland mapping that is accurate within 3inches. We also utilize the latest Global Positioning mapping to define exactly where boundaries and vital aspects of the properties are located.

Underground mapping is another aspect of Mineral Properties that only Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. provides. Our surveyors go deeper and farther than anyone to create our own mappings of workings which haven’t been documented. But if the mine has already been mapped, we still head undergound to verify and modify where needed, the historic maps of underground development.

While underground we also use high resolution camera and video systems to capture data and images of what is found below. In many cases, exposed gold veins, ore bodies and lodes can be clearly seen and captured. This information is available no where else on the planet.

We show you in detail what these properties have to offer, we report the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no surprises with Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. properties.

Surface And Underground Mapping

We don’t waste your time, or ours. Every mine we survey has been meticulously researched.

We are checking for development, production, reserves and any other history that is relevant to the properties.

Once we are on the ground, we can validate and verify previous information and reporting.

Sometimes that history is very accurate, sometimes we find it readily apparent that the published information is completely inaccurate.

Its all a part of our commitment to documenting the real history of mining in the western states.


Full Historical Documentation

All Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. mines receive an official GRMP-43 Report. This report is similar to National Instrument 43-101 report required by Canadian Investment groups. Expect our reporting to detail our survey work and all aspects of the property. You can expect detailed reporting of:

  • Geology
  • History
  • Reserves
  • Access
  • Land Status
  • Assessments
  • Raw Survey Data
  • Much, much more…

GRMP-43 Reports are specific to Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. properties. No one else puts this kind of time and effort into helping you make the right decision about your mining properties.