Gold Rush Expeditions offers Mining Claims and to a wide range people. This is their stories and experiences in the field.
Chad and Terry Norman

Rockhound and Gold Miner, Green Hornet Mining

Anonymous Miner

Rockhound, Miner, Prepper

“I really like this claim , it is one of the nicest you have offered. I loved it the last time it was available. I’d just like to add; Corey, you and your crew are awesome. You have provided a great deal of information on mining and prospecting and have been professional and upstanding to the utmost. You are helping to make the dream come true for many. Have a great day.”

Steven Adler

“You can’t go wrong buying a mine from GRE, They are honest and accurate with their details. I can’t say enough so nuf’ said”

Don Wotherspoon

Last spring I bought a lode mining claim in southern Arizona from Gold Rush Expeditions (GRE). I purchased this claim from GRE because I felt that they were a reputable, professional company. In September I received a notice from BLM that they wanted an amendment to the Notice of Location that had previously been accepted by the county and BLM, or else they would terminate my claim. I contacted GRE and they quickly responded to this regulatory change by BLM and submitted amendments to the county and BLM, which have been recorded successfully. It is one thing to have a company complete a sale and accept your funds. It is another to have that company come through for you after the sale when it matters.

I highly recommend GRE as a competent company with integrity. I would go back to them again in the future.