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Over the last 10 years, Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. ® has sold hundreds of mines to happy customers. Gold Rush has a large following on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. See what our customers have to say about us.

GRE has answered my questions and some I didn’t have. Very nice to work with. Easy communication and fast service. I would highly recommend them for a mine purchase.
by Lloyd
Gold Rush Expeditions has become somewhat like family to me. I view their offers each Saturday. A few months ago I purchased an offer and have been very pleased with Gre’s sales process and the mine. It is likely I will make more claim purchases. I am an old prospector and Gre makes the whole process of searching for noble metals and then filing a claim much easier.
by Patrick
I did a lot of research and followed Gold Rush Expeditions for a few years before I pulled the trigger on my new gold mine and I am happy I did. I am currently at the mine and I am going to work it as a one man operation for 2 solid months to far samplings look pretty positive.I will be uploading my full time adventures on you tube soon.Thanks GRE.
by Michael
When GRE says that they want satisfied customers, it’s not just words. They prove it with actions that go beyond normal business practices. So this is a shout out to them …..Kudos for all.
by John
I have bought other claims from individuals that were later forfeited to the BLM because of a failure by the previous owners to file the proper paperwork. I was able to reclaim the claims, but what a pain and waste of time and money. I know when I purchase a claim from Gold Rush Expeditions the claim is solid and your support team is there if assistance is needed. I would especially recommend purchasing claims from Gold Rush Expeditions to someone who is new to prospecting. I am waiting for the weather to cooperate a little more before going to the claim, but I feel like I have already been there by way of your video. I hope to purchase more claims from Gold Rush Expeditions in the future.
by William
Last spring I bought a lode mining claim in southern Arizona from Gold Rush Expeditions (GRE). I purchased this claim from GRE because I felt that they were a reputable, professional company. In September I received a notice from BLM that they wanted an amendment to the Notice of Location that had previously been accepted by the county and BLM, or else they would terminate my claim. I contacted GRE and they quickly responded to this regulatory change by BLM and submitted amendments to the county and BLM, which have been recorded successfully. It is one thing to have a company complete a sale and accept your funds. It is another to have that company come through for you after the sale when it matters. I highly recommend GRE as a competent company with integrity. I would go back to them again in the future.
by CH
I really like this claim , it is one of the nicest you have offered. I loved it the last time it was available. I’d just like to add; Gold Rush Expeditions, you and your crew are awesome. You have provided a great deal of information on mining and prospecting and have been professional and upstanding to the utmost. You are helping to make the dream come true for many. Have a great day.
by Steven
You can’t go wrong buying a mine from GRE, They are honest and accurate with their details. I can’t say enough so nuf’ said
by Don
We have done business with Gold Rush almost since the inception. We have purchased and/or sold numerous claims with Gold Rush and have always had a very pleasant purchasing and selling experience… Phone calls, emails, and messages have always been handled in prompt, courteous manner… We would recommend Gold Rush Expeditions to our valued customers and friends as having a highly respectful and honest organization… “You need not worry as their word tends to be their BOND”…
by Brad
Gold Rush Expeditions is a vital component of our exploration budget. They are able to locate valuable assets that we had not even considered right in our own state. I've cut our exploration budget in half and added viable development opportunities. Documentation and research is spot on.
by Robert
I can't say enough good about the services and properties that Gold Rush Expeditions offers. We purchased two projects that have proven viable with far higher values and volume than was represented. In addition the cost for the properties is literally a steal compared to the millions we usually expend for projects with far less potential. We will be in touch again soon!
by M. Miller
Our organization has purchased three properties from Gold Rush since 2014. All have been proven and vetted by our mining engineers. In 2017, the first of the three went into full production and has been so successful that we are now looking to purchase more locations. Corey and Jessica have a knack for finding extremely valuable gold properties. Their services and abilities are priceless to our organization.
by A. Masterson
I initially voted against acquiring “abandoned” mining properties from Gold Rush Expeditions. I have since revisited my opinion as the project delivered by Gold Rush has become our most valuable asset with 100x more in reserves than were originally reported. We purchased another Gold Rush property this year and its shaping up to be just as impressive. This is a company to watch!
by R. Carmichael
From the very start of my claim purchase, the staff at GRE has been prompt and courteous, and as professional as one could ask for. They more than bend over backward to help inform and explain all my questions and point me in the right direction. It is and will continue to be my pleasure doing business with everyone at GRE. I thank you all and truly look forward to doing future business with you.
by Joe M.
Very impressed with what this company offers. Their properties are consistently better than advertised and it's nice to work with such a professional organization.
by Antonio
Calgary, CA

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